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Liberal Arts and Sciences (Amsterdam University College)

How to apply

Once you have read and understood the academic programme and what AUC expects from its students, you are warmly invited to apply by submitting your application online.

Online application form

Prospective students looking to apply for admission to AUC starting in September 2024 will be able to find the online application form on this section of the website starting in October 2023. Please note that AUC uses an online application system called Embark. All applications to AUC are processed through Embark and not through Studielink. 

Application guidelines

The application guidelines for those applying to start at AUC in September 2024 are available as a PDF via the link below. 

Application deadlines

You want to start at AUC in

Application deadline

Decision on admission by
September 2024
  • 1 December 2023 ('early-bird')
  • 1 February 2024 (regular deadline)
  • First week of February 2024 (early-bird)
  • First week of April 2024 (regular deadline)

Please note that for the deadlines listed above, the complete application (including recommendations) must be submitted before 23.59 Central European Time (CET) on 1 December 2023 to meet the early-bird deadline for September 2024, and before 23.59 (CET) on 1 February 2024 to meet the regular deadline if applying for admission for September 2024.

  • Advantages of applying for the early-bird deadline

    Applying for the early-bird deadline has some advantages.

    At AUC, there are two deadlines for which you can apply: the early-bird deadline on 1 December and the regular deadline on 1 February.

    First offers made to early-bird candidates

    Applications of early-bird candidates are considered first and decisions on admission (including acceptances) are issued in the first week of February. For regular applicants, their applications are reviewed in February with any offers of admission being issued in the first week of April. Since there is no limit on the amount of early-bird candidates we accept, those applying for the early-bird deadline have a better chance of receiving an offer of admission to AUC than those who apply for the regular deadline as the first round of offers will have already been made by the time regular applications are reviewed.

    Housing selection

    Additionally, those who apply for the early-bird deadline will be able to select from the available rooms in the student residences before those who apply for the regular deadline. This means those who apply as an early bird can choose their room in the first round of housing selection with more types of rooms available. Please note that this does not mean that a specific room will be available at the time of selection, but rather that early-bird candidates will have the chance to select from the available rooms before regular applicants (i.e. no student is guaranteed a single room). Please note that all students who are admitted to AUC, regardless of whether they apply for the early-bird deadline or the regular deadline, are guaranteed a room in the student residences for their three years of study.

Application checklist

To assist you in completing the online application form, we have created a checklist that includes all the information and documents that you will need for your application.

  • Online application procedure explained

    Applying in Embark

    Applications to AUC are completed and submitted using the online application system Embark. Please note that you should not apply to AUC using Studielink. If you receive an offer of admission to AUC in February (early-bird candidates) or April (regular deadline candidates), you will then be asked to complete your enrolment in Studielink.  

    While completing your application, you can log in to Embark and access it as often as you like, but please remember that you must complete and officially submit it before AUC can process your application for enrollment. 

    Batch processing

    AUC processes applications in batches. Applications from those who apply as ‘early birds’ (meaning you have submitted a complete application before 1 December) will start to be processed in the first week of December and decisions on admission will be issued in the first week of February. Applications for those who apply before the regular deadline (meaning you have submitted a complete application before 1 February) will start to be processed in the first week of February and decisions on admission will be issued in the first week of April. 

    As a selective programme, AUC aims to admit 300 students per year. All applications undergo the same process of evaluation. After early-bird offers have been made, all those who apply before the regular deadline have an equal chance of being made an offer based on the spots available. For more information about our policy on admissions and the application process, please see the links below.

  • Transfer of credit

    If you are currently studying at another university and wish to transfer to AUC, you should submit an application for admission to AUC and follow the same admission procedure as a new student. Should you have credits from another academic institution that you would like to have count toward your studies at AUC, you will need to officially request a transfer of credit. Please note that this request will be evaluated separately from your application for admission and is submitted using a separate form.

    Don't base decision to enrol on receiving transfer credits

    Please note that transfer of credit requests can only be processed when an applicant has already submitted a complete application for admission to AUC. The request for a transfer of credit and all necessary documentation must be received before 15 June to be considered. Prospective students are strongly encouraged not to base their decision to enrol at AUC on the expectation of receiving transfers of credit to replace certain courses, a semester or a full year. Applicants should understand that they may not know until starting at AUC whether credits from previous studies will count toward their degree programme. For more information on the possibility of transferring credit, including a link to the transfer of credit request form, please follow the link below.

  • Tuition fees and financial support

    Use the links below to find more information on the fees and costs of studying at AUC, in addition to some sources of financial support. 

  • Exchange students

    If you want to apply for a semester exchange or to study abroad at AUC, please contact the Study Abroad Office at your home institution. Please do not use our online application form, as this is reserved for applicants for the full three-year degree programme. For more information on coming to AUC on exchange, please follow the link below.

Contact the AUC Admissions Office

For questions regarding admissions policies, requirements or application procedures, please follow the link below.