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Business Analytics

Open Day

Is the Bachelor's in Business Analytics is the right programme for you? Find out by participating in our upcoming events, via the information available below and by watching our videos.

Watch the online information session
Watch the recording of the online information session

Dr. Umut Konus, programme director of the Bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics, explains during this online information session what you can expect of this challenging Bachelor's programme. Additionally one of our students shares her experiences with this Bachelor’s and student life.

Studying Bachelor's in Business Analytics at the UvA
What is this programme about?

Find out what our new Bachelor's in Business Analytics is about, what you will learn and why this programme prepares you for the future.

Ask our students

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Hi, I'm Melis! I'm a Bachelor’s student in Business Analytics from Turkey. Got questions about studying at the UvA? Get in touch. Chat with Melis
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Do you want to know more about this Bachelor’s programme? Request our online brochure and read more about student experiences, the study programme and career perspectives.


  • Why is this Bachelor's programme unique?

    This new Bachelor’s programme prepares you comprehensively for the future. After obtaining your Bachelor’s degree, for example, you will be able to build a self-driving vehicle or calculate the best price for a plane ticket or hotel room. During our 3-year Bachelor’s programme, you will learn everything there is to know in the fields of mathematics, statistics, business administration and artificial intelligence; knowledge and skills you need, to tackle the challenges described above. There are just a few Bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands that offer this combination of knowledge and skills.

  • Which courses will you be taking?

    The Bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics focuses on 3 main areas of study: analytics, (business) economics and computer science. You will take courses in programming, artificial intelligence, mathematics, statistics and econometrics. Besides, you will take courses in finance, marketing, logistics, organisational studies and strategy. All courses have a fun practical component, so that you will be able to apply what you have learned in practice immediately.

    By studying this Bachelor’s programme, you will not only find out all about business, but also about significant social issues such as the environment, climate and famine. Ethics is a key and recurring topic: what are and aren’t you allowed to do with data?

  • Do you need programming skills before you start with Business Analytics?

    No, all you need to know about programming will be taught in the course of the degree programme.

  • Do you have to be good at mathematics?

    It is important that you both enjoy and are good at mathematics. In the 1st year in particular, foundational courses in mathematics and statistics will feature heavily.

  • What is the difference between the Bachelor’s programmes in Business Analytics and Econometrics?

    The difference between the Bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics and in Econometrics is that Business Analytics is data-driven and Econometrics is theory-driven. Students of the Bachelor’s programme in Business Analytics use data yielded by AI/machine learning technologies to address complex business-related issues. Business Analytics bridges the gap between analytics and computer science on the one hand and economics (including business economics) on the other. Students of the Bachelor’s programme in Econometrics develop econometric models, apply them to micro- and macro-economic issues and analyse the impact of these on economic policy.

  • What careers are available to you after graduating from the Bachelor’s in Business Analytics degree programme?

    Once you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics, you have great career perspectives and you will be able to find employment in almost all businesses in which data play a key role. Nowadays, this includes most businesses, given the huge increase in the amount of available data.

    Among other things, you will be able to work as a data analyst or data analysis consultant for multinationals, web shops, technology firms and government institutions. Alternatively, you can start your own business.

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