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Communication Science

Career prospects

Upon graduation you will be awarded a degree certificate in Communication Science. As a Bachelor of Science you can enter the labour market. Most students however, decide to continue their studies and obtain their Master’s degree because they expect further specialisation contributes to even better career perspectives.

Careers after Communication Science

The career prospects for communication scientists are generally good and there is a variety of job opportunities open to them. Some examples of jobs currently held by our graduates include:  

  • Producer or editor;
  • Communications adviser at a company, cultural institution or government body;
  • Media planner;
  • Campaign manager of a political party during the elections;
  • Marketing executive of a big publishing group;
  • Strategist at an advertising company;
  • Spokesman of a company, a foundation or the government;
  • Journalist.

Click on the links below to read about the jobs of some of our alumni:

Advice and assistance exploring the labour market

During your study and up to a period of 1 year following graduation you can approach the Careers Centre for information, advice, workshops, events, and individual counseling. The Student Careers Centre annually organises a major career event where you can come into contact with potential employers and you will learn more about the latest developments in the area of applying for a job, work, and the labour market.

Possibilities for international students

After graduating from the UvA, international students can stay in the Netherlands to find a job. Read more about the Orientation year.