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Academic staff

Resultaten: 1 - 12 van 12
Resultaten: 1 - 12 van 12
  • Abbey Steele
    Abbey Steele

    ‘Guiding students to the logical implications of their arguments helps them to refine their ideas and learn what sorts of evidence they need to gather in order to test these.’

  • Darshan Vigneswaran
    Darshan Vigneswaran

    ‘I have been privileged to be surrounded by bright and daring students at the UvA, who are keen to learn how to do research.’

  • Floris Vermeulen
    Floris Vermeulen

    ‘Teaching is rewarding and important because it helps students understand how inspiring and intellectually challenging doing research actually is.’

  • Joost Berkhout
    Joost Berkhout

    ‘I want my students to become critical citizens and serious academics.’

  • Judith Huijgens
    Judith Huigens

    ‘What I am most passionate about is teaching, or really: helping people to learn.’

  • Marcel Hanegraaff
    Marcel Hanegraaff

    ‘I’m always very proud at the end of the course when students have produced an original paper based on their own creative thinking.’

  • Michael Onyebuchi Eze
    Michael Onyebuchi Eze

    ‘My ultimate goal is to educate the whole person as a free, resolute and capable individual in every circumstance and place – a global citizen.’

  • Otto Holman
    Otto Holman

    ‘One of the key messages which I hope that students take away from my course is that the Dutch political system is not an island of stability in an otherwise turbulent world.’

  • Robin Pistorius
    Robin Pistorius

    I believe that students’ motivation crucially depends on the conviction that they are working on issues which are relevant to society.’

  • Rosa Sanchez Salgado
    Rosa Sanchez Salgado

    ‘By giving students a choice in their examination, they become aware of what they are actually learning and are in control of their own learning process.’

  • Sander Kruse
    Sander Kruse

    ‘History is alive and kicking: it informs political judgements and is used and abused to further current political agendas.’

  • Sarah de Lange
    Sarah de Lange

    ‘It’s incredibly pleasing to see that our graduate students have developed into keen and critical analysts.’