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Noah van der Vaart

BSc in Political Science

‘In my third year, I took the Theoretical Philosophy minor as an abstract addition to my knowledge in political science.’

Noah van der Vaart
Photographer: Jeroen Doomernik

Why did you choose to study Political Science at the UvA?

‘My decision to start studying Political Science at the UvA was based on various reasons. Watching documentaries and following the news did not satisfy me any longer and I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of politics and international relations. The field of study and the curriculum at the UvA suited my interests in social issues, and studying in the middle of a dynamic and vibrant city sealed the deal for me. Throughout my Bachelor’s, I enjoyed courses on political economy, transatlantic relations and orientalism in international relations. In all those courses, the combination of interesting literature with excellent and inspiring teachers really sparked my enthusiasm for going to classes, a sensation that I hadn’t experienced too often before university. Being among other students with different backgrounds, discussing topics that we all find interesting, is an amazing feeling.’

Which courses did you find most interesting?

‘In my third year, there was the possibility to choose courses in another department. I chose the Theoretical Philosophy minor as an abstract addition to my knowledge in political science. I also took courses in critical theory, development aid and the social construction of language. In between my Bachelor’s and my Master’s, I worked as a trainee at the Dutch embassy in Estonia. During my studies, I wrote articles for several student magazines at the UvA and did a work placement with the international channel VICE News at their Amsterdam office.’

What are you doing now?

‘I am currently preparing my Master’s thesis, which intends to focus on the field of international development. My academic and extracurricular experiences have prepared me for multiple career paths. It would be great to apply my knowledge and interests at an NGO, or as an international diplomat for the Dutch government, but my passion for writing is also still alive and well. Let’s see what the future will bring.’