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Honours Programme


Are you looking for an additional challenge? Are you prepared for and capable of more than the demands of the regular study programme?

You can choose to take part in the Honours programme as an addition to your Bachelor's programme in Psychology. The Honours programme consists of additional courses with a workload of at least half a year (30 ECTS credits), which are taken during the Bachelor’s programme.

If you achieve a GPA of 7 or higher for all regular and additional courses, you will also receive an Honours diploma in addition to your Bachelor's degree certificate.

Honours Programme

You can begin the Psychology Honours programme in the first year of your Psychology Bachelor’s. This involves using a reader featuring articles as a basis for discussing and writing about themes relating to psychology, such as nature/nurture, free will, reductionism and the body/mind issue.

In the second year, the Psychology Honours programme involves taking additional interdisciplinary electives. Honoursstudents finish the honoursprogramme in their third year.

The Honours programme enables you to approach the subject more intensively and with greater breadth. Equally, an Honours Bachelor's degree opens up better opportunities for internships, Master's programmes in the Netherlands and abroad, and also improves your career prospects.