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Master's phase


If, after completing your Bachelor’s programme, you wish to continue your education in order to specialise further or become more academically well-rounded, you can choose to do a Master's programme. The University of Amsterdam offers about 240 Master’s programmes that last one or two years, many of which are taught in English.

Master's Degree in Sociology

You can further specialise in the discipline via the one-year Master's in Sociology, within which you can choose to take the Dutch follow-on Master's or one of the specialist tracks such as Migration and Ethnic Studies or Social Problems and Social Policy.

Research Master's in Social Sciences

Students with a particular interest in research can take the two-year research Master's in Social Sciences. All research Master's programmes involve a selection procedure, during which a committee will assess whether potential students have the right qualifications, motivation and commitment for academic research.

Other Master's programmes 

A Bachelor's degree in Sociology also offers access to other Master's degrees. If your Bachelor's programme included a minor (often with supplementary courses) within a different social-sciences programme – such as Educational Sciences or International Relations – then you will be eligible to take a Master's degree in this programme. However, more extensive admission requirements apply to some Master's programmes and/or you have to submit a request for admission to the programme's Examinations Board. 

Graduate School of Social Sciences 

The Graduate School of Social Sciences offers a wide variety of Master's degree programmes and research Master's programmes in both Dutch and English. Every year, the GSSS welcomes around a thousand students to its monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary programmes in the fields of Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Social Geography, Planning and Development Studies. The GSSS is a dynamic and multifaceted institute characterised by high academic standards, an international environment and a lively academic community.

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Dual Master's programmes

Upon completion of your Bachelor's degree in Sociology, you can elect to take a dual Master's: a professionally oriented programme at the academic level that lasts for one-and-a-half to two years, including a work placement (paid or unpaid). Bachelor's graduates in Sociology are eligible for the Master's degree programmes of Journalism & Media and Editing & Publishing. Due to the limited number of internship posts, a selection procedure applies to all dual Master's programmes.