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Computational Science (joint degree UvA/VU)

Information for ITMO students

Because of the Leading Scientist Research Grant awarded by the Russian Federation to prof. Peter Sloot, the University of Amsterdam has decided to grant some scholarships to students from ITMO University in order to enroll in our Master's programme for the tuition fee of EU/EEA Students.

Information in Russian


Exemption for the first year masters Computational Science

If you have a bachelors degree and you previously completed (or are currently enrolled in) a similar masters, you may be eligible for exemption of the first year. To qualify:

  1. Applicants must have an academic bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, the natural sciences (such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc), or engineering disciplines (such as civil engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, etc.).
  2. You must have completed at least one year of a masters programme in Computer Science, Mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering.
  3. You must provide a list of the courses you have completed in your masters, including a short synopsis for each course and the grades you have obtained. We require original, certified transcripts, if necessary translated to English by a sworn translator.
  4. You must pass an entry exam ("colloquium doctum").


If you think you might be eligible, include documents that support the items mentioned above under 1, 2 and 3 in your preliminary registration. Based on the information you provide and the result of the entry exam we will assess if you qualify for exemption of the first year of the masters Computational Science.

If you qualify for exemption:

•         you will register as a student at the University of Amsterdam for the duration of one year,

•         your diploma will list 60 ECTS worth of subjects that you fullfilled for the masters Computational Science and state that you are exempted from 60 ECTS,

•         There will be no transfer of credits.