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Urban and Regional Planning


The Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning will prepare you for a diverse range of careers, both at operational and strategic advisory levels. You will obtain specialized knowledge of complex planning processes. The planning action and research skills will be employable in public, private and non-governmental working environments.

credits: Marco te Brommelstroet

Possible career paths

After finishing the programme you will be able to apply to positions in different sectors of the planning profession. Examples of starting career from alumni of the Urban and Regional Planning programme

Public sector

  • Project leader of area development in small, medium and large municipalities
  • Strategic advisor in sustainable mobility systems
  • Innovation and research manager at waste, water, energy utility companies
  • Policy advisor for spatial development at ministerial or international levels

Private sector

  • Project manager of sustainable realestate development
  • Strategic advisor in land and realstate investment agencies
  • Process coordinator in development agencies
  • Policy strategist in architectural firms
  • Location strategy consultant

Non-governmental, third and research sector

  • PhD researcher in international university institutes
  • Researcher in environmental assessment agencies
  • Project leader in non-governmental organizations active on urbanization and environmental challenges
credits: Federico Savini

Career support 

To support you in your career goals, the University offers a variety of resources.

GSSS Career Event 

Twice a year the GSSS hosts a Career Event, where you can meet organisation representatives and alumni, and receive helpful tips and feedback about searching for a job as a graduate.

UvA Careers Centre

The career advisers at the UvA Student Careers Centre can help students with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling to find out what you want, get insight into your capabilities and competencies, make choices and improve your application skills in order to achieve your goals. The Student Careers Centre is specialised in advising international (non-Dutch) UvA graduates about job seeking in the international labour market.

credits: Mendel Giezen


After graduating from the Master in Urban and Regional Planning you will become member of our large community of alumni and past students. The University of Amsterdam has an organization that helps Alumni to keep in touch and to build useful links to the job market.

Here you can find what a few of our many former students tell of our programme. We are currently collecting more testimonials.

Robert Farrell, Senior Planning Consultant

''Having decided I wanted to study urban planning, my home country of Ireland was the obvious choice of location. However, Ireland is not a country renowned for its expertise in urban planning. This is what initially attracted me to studying in the Netherlands, and UvA. The Dutch are recognised as world leaders in planning, with Amsterdam regularly considered one of the world’s most liveable cities. Where better, then, to study urban and regional planning? It was the best decision I have made. The Master's in Urban and Regional Planning challenged me to think about how our cities and societies are structured. It made me realise the enormous influence that planning decisions can have on communities, and pushed me to consider ways in which we can improve people’s lives through good urban design and engagement.''

Stephanie Richards

“My name is Stephanie Richards and coming from the UK to the Netherlands, in particular Amsterdam, is heralded as a planning ideal, every day is like ‘living the case study’. But what I came to realise is that this ideal is fiction; every place suffers from its own successes and challenges, but the process of learning what works, what doesn’t and why, is as valuable an asset. UvA provides the space to develop this realistic, though still always a little ideologically driven, perspective of planning in the real world”.

Amanda Eyer

“Initially, I was attracted to Amsterdam, on the one hand, for its pleasant and diverse scenery, and, on the other, for its bicycle culture. Only later did I realize that the Dutch have a long history in planning; indeed, the Netherlands as a whole is an engineered system. Coming from the seemingly untamed landscapes of Switzerland, this idea strikes me as unique”.