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Economics: Transition Minor

Would you like to learn more about national and international economics and be able to analyse current global economic developments? In this minor, you will explore the underlying economic framework of individual and societal functioning.

After successfully finishing the minor Economics: Transition Minor (60 EC) you have acquired a thorough knowledge on the main theories and applications in the field of Economics. This knowledge allows you to understand and evaluate current developments in the (world) economy. You can use this knowledge to participate in and contribute to policy discussions.

Transition to the MSc Economics

The minor allows you to enrol in the Master’s programme in Economics. Find more information about this Master on the programme page.


You need at least one academic year to complete this minor and the programme consists of 60 EC. There are compulsory courses that cover a wide range of topics in general economics (48 EC) and restricted-choice electives that allow for more specialised knowledge in the desired field (12 EC).

You can find the programme and detailed course descriptions of the current academic year in the Course Catalogue.

Curriculum for 2019-2020

Compulsory courses (48 EC)

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Period 1 Principles of Economics  Microeconomics 2
  Mathematics 1 for Economics Mathematics 2 for Economics
  Statistics 2 for Economics  
Period 2 Econometrics Macroeconomics 2
    Game Theory

Restricted-choice electives (12 EC, choose two)

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Period 1   Development Economics
    Labour Economics
Period 2 International Money & Finance History of Economic Thought
  International Trade and Investment Industrial Organisation

The Course Catalogue for the 2019-2020 academic year will be available as of June.

Entry requirements

  • You must have successfully completed your first year (60 EC) of a Bachelor’s programme at a research university (WO).

Required prior knowledge

  • Other required prior knowledge: you are expected to possess sufficient quantitative knowledge. The minor Economics: Transition Minor (60 EC) is a difficult programme. For more information about the required prior knowledge and how to prepare before the minor starts, see the course catalogue.

Application and Admission

You need to apply for the minor before you can register for minor courses. For the application form, please visit the current Course Catalogue. Apply before 1 June 2019 to make sure you can register for your courses.

More info and contact

For more general information about taking a minor, visit the student website about minors at UvA Economics and Business. Or you can contact the Education Desk.

Economics: Transition Minor
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