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Minor Mediterranean Studies

Mediterranean Studies

For centuries, the Mediterranean has been a key space for the demarcation of a ‘European identity’, as well as a key site for the projection of European power, from empires of old to more recent (post)colonial adventures. At the same time, we can also discern a long history of cultural continuity along Mediterranean shores, which leads us to question the way in which this sea is all-too-often presented as a dividing water, separating civilizations.

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Today, the Mediterranean region is in many ways the most pressing space of engagement for the EU, seen as the source of some of the most difficult challenges for the Union: from the management of mass migration flows, to uneven (and growingly so) economies. While at the turn of the millennium the Mediterranean was still being envisioned as part of a ‘ring of friends’ surrounding the Union, today it is described as ‘a ring of fire’: a space of danger, and the source of a variety of risks.

This cross-disciplinary minor will locate the contemporary challenges in the Mediterranean within a longer history of the region and its relations with Europe. These longer histories, and a broader political, economic and cultural understanding of the Mediterranean as an inter-connected whole, are fundamental to adequately grasping today’s challenges. The minor presents students with a variety of perspectives on the Mediterranean space, ranging from historical and literary accounts, to economic and geopolitical agendas, in order to gain a thorough understanding of this region.

A minor in Humanities

This minor is offered by the Faculty of Humanities. The faculty’s minors consist of 30 ECTS credits and earn you a second qualification that will be listed on the transcript accompanying your degree certificate. The minor is open to all students, and would combine particularly well with a Bachelor's in European Studies, French, Italian, Spanish or Middle Eastern Studies, History, Political Science or Anthropology.

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A minor in Humanities

Mediterranean Studies
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