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Minor Political Economy

Political Economy

The field of Political Economy focuses on ‘real world economics’: the study of economic developments in their political and policy-relevant context. The minor in Political Economy complements the analysis of the political context with a deep theoretical and empirical understanding how economic dynamics produce winners and losers and how that affects our society and policy choices. The minor addresses a range of pressing social and political issues and their underlying economicdynamics. Some examples are corporate social responsibility, international development and lobbying activities by multinational corporations.

Course Catalogue

For whom?

Students who are interested in:

  • International Political Economy.
  • Developments in the global economy.
  • A career in the corporate world, in (international) economic policy-making, or in corporate sector-government relations.

Entry requirements:

Completed first year of a bachelor’s programme. A completed first year of applied sciences (HBO) does not grant access to the minor.


International exchange students are contacted by their programme coordinator regarding enrollment.

Students from Dutch universities can enroll the following way:
1) Studenten van andere universiteiten moeten zich bij de UvA inschrijven
als bijvakstudent, zie http://www.studielink.nl.
2) Meld je aan voor de minor via het aanmeldformulier in de studiegids.
3) Schrijf je daarna in voor de vakken via SIS.


Dr. Jasper Blom, j.g.w.blom@uva.nl

Political Economy
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