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The Radical Right Reading Group (RRRG) we will convene on 3 December at 12:00 for a lunch-meeting in BG1 1.15.

Event details of Hyperstition
Date 3 December 2021
Time 12:00

We will be discussing the following texts on the concept of "hyperstition" as developed by Nick Land and others:

  • Carstens, D. Hyperstition.
  • Cybernetic Culture Research Unit, Lemurian Time War.
  • Asprem, E., 2020. "The Magical Theory of Politics: Memes, Magic, and the Enchantment of Social Forces in the American Magic War". Nova Religio 23, 15–42. doi:10.1525/nr.2020.23.4.15


  • Deleuze, G. and F. Guattari. 1993. “Chapter 13. 7000 B.C.: Apparatus of Capture” A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Please send an email to d.dezeeuw@uva.nl if you would like to receive the pdfs of the texts.