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Gray matter: an interdisciplinary perspective on the aging brain

As our life expectancy increases, so does the number of older adults in society. Aging is accompanied by changes at the level of the brain, cognition, and behavior. Yet, trajectories of age-related change vary strongly between individuals: In old age, individual differences are larger than ever. When and how do these differences manifest in the brain? Why do some people develop neurodegenerative disorders whereas others become 100 years old without significant decline? Which lifestyle factors can increase our chances at ‘healthy aging’? And how can our subjective well-being increase with age?

To answer these timely questions, the ABC Summer School ‘Gray matter: an interdisciplinary perspective on the aging brain’ will highlight the current knowledge on aging at multiple levels of explanation, ranging from neuroscience to cognition, and from health to disease.

Despite the corona crisis, the Summer School will continue and be made available online: lectures and tutorials will be accessible via remote (online) participation.

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Date Speaker Subject
15 June 2020 Irene van de Vijver Introduction: Neurocognitive studies of aging
16 June 2020 Jan Hoeijmakers The biology of aging
17 June 2020 Yvonne Brehmer How to age successfully
18 June 2020 Ondine van de Rest Aging and nutrition
19 June 2020 Paul Lucassen Neurobiology of Alzheimer
  Marcel Olde Rikkert Alzheimer: a complex systems view
22 June 2020 Henne Holstege The genetics of centenarians
23 June 2020 Rogier Kievit (Cambridge) Psychometric models of executive function and aging
24 June 2020   Symposium


Important dates

  • Programme dates: 15-25 June 2020
  • Application deadline: 1 May 2020
  • Within two weeks after your application you will be notified if whether you have been admitted or not.

The ABC Summer School includes:

  • Master Classes from experts in the field of the aging brain
  • Guidance by a designated tutor in performing a small research project
  • 4 EC after completion of the Summer School

Student profile

The ABC Summer School is open to master's students and PhD candidates in fields relating to cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and other fields with a clear interest in aging and cognition.


The ABC Summer School is an annual event organized by the interdisciplinary Research Master's Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

Practical matters

Tuition, Costs & Scholarships

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Gray matter: an interdisciplinary perspective on the aging brain
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