Terms of employment

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers a broad range of facilities allowing staff members to engage in personal development and effectively combine their work and personal life. The UvA also offers attractive financial incentives and a good pension scheme.

Salary, days off, year-end bonus and pension scheme

In addition to their salaries, staff members receive annual holiday pay (8% of the gross salary), and a year-end bonus (8.3% of the gross salary, basically amounting to a thirteenth month). Staff members with a full-time contract (38 hours per week) are entitled to 29 days off and have the option of saving up for a maximum of 12 extra days off. The UvA also offers a good pension scheme via ABP.

UvA staff members are covered by the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO NU). Salary scales depend on the level of knowledge and experience, and are based on the University Job Classification (UFO).

Travel expenses reimbursement

All staff members are entitled to travel expenses reimbursement. The amount of this reimbursement can be calculated by means of a special module.

Staff members travelling by public transport receive a discount on GVB subscriptions for commuter travel.

Group health insurance

The UvA has purchased a good group health insurance policy with Avéro Achmea. UvA staff members and their family members are entitled to make use of this policy.

Group disability insurance

The UvA has purchased group partial disability insurance for its staff members. This policy ensures that all UvA employees receive at least 70% of their most recent salary in the event of partial disability.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

8 April 2014