Four research programmes

Philosophy research is bundled in four research programmes that interlink with the research priority areas ‘Cultural Transformations and Globalisation’ and ‘Brain and Cognition’, and the theme ‘Communication’.

- Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPA): examines classical questions in the area of practical philosophy, such as the foundations of ethics and sociopolitical philosophy, in light of new and topical problems.

- Logic and Language, Mind, Body and Behavior (LLA): researches interpretive and reasoning processes, and the role played by biological and social components therein. Also performs research in the field of Digital Humanities.

- Philosophical Tradition in Context (PTC): explores the historical development of philosophical themes (within a social and cultural context) in interaction with science and religion, culture and society, and with due regard for non-Western philosophy.

- Critical Cultural Theory (CCT): performs research into art and popular culture (such as film) as forms of criticism, specific experiences of modernity and ‘ways of worldmaking’.

Published by  Faculty of Humanities

20 November 2018