47 programmes

Programme Programme type Mode of study
American Studies Minor
Amsterdam Data Science Minor (in English) Minor
Arabic Minor
Asian Studies Minor
Business Administration: Designing Effective Organisations (in English) Minor
Business Administration: Managing Strategy and Marketing (in English) Minor
Business Administration: Transition Minor (in English) Minor
Catalan in a European Context Minor
Communication Science Minor
Conflict Studies Minor
Contemporary Literature in Perspective Minor
Cultural Analysis Minor
Digital Humanities and Social Analytics Minor
Digital Media Minor
Dutch Studies Minor
East European Studies Minor
Economics: Transition Minor Minor
Entrepreneurship (in English) Minor
European Economics Minor
European History Minor
European Literature and Culture Minor
European Politics and Global Change Minor
European Union and Political Integration Minor
Gender and Sexuality Minor
Global Health, Care and Society Minor
Global Migration Minor
International Development Studies Minor
Italian Studies Minor
Latin American Studies Minor
Law, Economics and Business Minor
Linguistics Minor
Macroeconomics: International and Monetary Economics Minor
Mediterranean Studies Minor
Microeconomics: Markets and Organisations Minor
Middle Eastern Studies Minor
Music, Culture and Cognition Minor
Physics and Astronomy (Advanced Minor) Minor
Physics and Astronomy: Astronomy (Advanced Minor) Minor
Physics and Astronomy: Energy and Sustainability (Advanced Minor) Minor
Physics and Astronomy: Physics of Life (Advanced Minor) Minor
Privacy Studies Minor
Psychobiologie: Evolutionary Psychobiology Minor
Scandinavian Minor
Sign Language of the Netherlands Minor
Slavonic Languages: Czech Minor
Slavonic Languages: Polish Minor
Urban Studies Minor