Governing Europe (European Studies)

Contemporary Europe and the EU

The European Studies programme Governing Europe offers:

  • Deep understanding of policy making and international relations in contemporary Europe and the EU.
  • A unique combination of Politics, Law, Economics and History.
  • Thorough training in analytical and communication skills that are essential in a professional research and policy environment, both at home and abroad. 

In Governing Europe you study contemporary Europe and the EU. This one-year programme is aimed at students who are interested in understanding and contributing to European and EU affairs. Governing Europe enables you to unravel the various political, legal, economic and historical patterns that affect contemporary international governance and policy in Europe and its border regions. The programme teaches you to argue a well-informed view on European and EU affairs and provides you with the knowledge and analytical skills that are essential in research or policy environments.

European Studies at the UvA 

Perceptions of Europe and its cultures, and policy-making processes are the primary themes of European Studies at the UvA. What structures past or present contribute to the realization of a political, legal and economic order? How do Europeans, European states and their institutions perceive and present themselves? Special attention is devoted to Europe’s relation to the world, and particularly to Eastern Europe. The lecturers and researchers who teach in this programme have extensive expertise in various aspects of Europe, both past and present.

Degree certificate

Governing Europe is an accredited degree programme of European Studies. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in European Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

Degree programme
European Studies
60 ECTS, 12 months
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