Research Master's Religious Studies (research)

Religious plurality in the Western world

The focus of the Research Master's programme Religious Studies is on religious plurality in the Western world: differences within religions, differences between religions, and new phenomena such as radical individualisation that reshuffle the religious landscape. The programme not only studies official doctrines and established traditions and institutions, but also gives due attention to the whole spectrum of religious experience and practices in Western societies.

Studying Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam

The programme fosters an interdisciplinary approach to religion: theories and methods from the social sciences, literature, cultural analysis, history and philosophy are taught and discussed. The programme gains coherence through the combination of an empirical focus on religion within Western cultures, a theoretical focus on religious plurality and a methodological focus on interdisciplinary research.

Degree certificate

The Research Master's programme Religious Studies is an accredited degree programme. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in Theology and Religious Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

Degree programme
Research MA Theology and Religious Studies (research)
Regular study programme
120 ECTS, 24 months
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