Disability or chronic illness

If you have a disability, chronic condition or dyslexia and have or expect problems in studying because of this, the UvA can provide extra support.

No barrier to study

The UvA offers support, for example counseling or examination arrangements for those who need it. By providing this kind of support we strive to offer you a pleasant study program without any study delay. A disability or chronic condition need not prevent you from graduating or finding a job. UvA support and counselling may be different from what you have been provided with during your preliminary education.

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Student counsellors

How can I apply for a provision?

To request an examination or another arrangement, you can make an appointment with a student counsellor. This can be through a referral from the student adviser or directly. The student counsellor will advise the contact person of your programme, based on your medical report or submitted dyslexia report, about your eligibility for the arrangement(s) and the period of validity of this/these arrangement(s).

Student psychologists

For psychological problems, please contact a student psychologist.

Student doctor

If you have study-related health problems (such as RSI and stress), you may also contact a student doctor.

Student Careers Centre

If you would like advice or support when looking for, or applying for, a job, please contact the Student Careers Centre.

Student Disability Platform

The Student Disability Platform is made up of students with a disability who want to jointly ensure that every student has the chance to get as much out of their studies as possible without experiencing any obstacles from the UvA arising from their disability.


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28 November 2018