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dr. M.A.M.B. (Marie) Lous Baronian

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Marie-Aude Baronian is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Visual Culture and a member of ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis). Her most recent publications include Mémoire et Image. Regards sur la Catastrophe arménienne (L'Age d'Homme, 2013), and Cinéma et Mémoire. Sur Atom Egoyan (Editions Académie Belgique, 2013). Her next book La Caméra à la nuque. Penser l'image filmique avec Emmanuel Lévinas will appear in 2014. She currently works on costume, fashion and design in film and in philosophy.

Fields of interest:

-Armenian diasporic cinema

-Contemporary French thought

-Film and Traumatic History

-Archive and Testimony

-Costume, Fashion and Design

-Fim Theory and Film Aesthetics


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Book editor

  • Baronian, M-A., D'Aloia, A., & Pedroni, M. (2017). Fashionating Images: Audiovisual Media Studies Meet Fashion. April 2017: Comunicazioni Sociali: Journal of Media, Performing Arts and Cultural Studies.
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