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ir. E. (Esther) Quaedackers MSc

  • Faculty of Science
  • Visiting address
    Science Park A
    Science Park 904  Amsterdam
    Room number: C3.112
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  94224
    1090 GE  Amsterdam
    T: 0205255190

Esther Quaedackers is a lecturer in Big History.

Since 2006, she has coordinated and taught Big History courses at the University of Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, Amsterdam University College, the Free University and Utrecht University.

Esther has written several articles and book chapters about teaching big history and about her research interest, the 'Little Big history of Tiananmen'. In her research, she uses the Little Big History approach, an approach she developed for exploring small scale subjects as seen from the perspective of Big History, to analyse Tiananmen, also known as the Gate of Heavenly Piece, in Beijing. 

Esther is a founding member and the current secretary of the International Big History Association.

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  • Behmand, M., Quaedackers, E., & Kim, S. (2015). Big history at other institutions. In R. B. Simon, M. Behmand, & T. Burke (Eds.), Teaching big history. (pp. 56-74). Oakland, California: University of California Press. [details]


  • Quaedackers, E. (2013). He lan de da li shi jiao yu. Quan qiu shi ping lun = Global history review, 6, 255-261, 471-472. [details]
  • Quaedackers, E. (2013). Tian an men de xiao da li shi. Quan qiu shi ping lun = Global history review, 6, 229-251, 471. [details]


  • Quaedackers, E. (2011). A little big history of Tiananmen. In L. E. Grinin, A. V. Korotayev, & B. H. Rodrigue (Eds.), Evolution: a big history perspective (pp. 269-280). Volgograd: 'Uchitel' Publishing House. [details] [PDF]

Book editor

  • Grinin, L., Baker, D., Quaedackers, E., & Korotayev, A. (2014). Teaching & researching big history: exploring a new scholarly field. Volgograd: Uchitel Publishing House. [details]

Keynote / invited lecture

  • Quaedackers, E. (speaker) (3-8-2012): A(nother) little big history of Tiananmen, Inaugural International Big History Association Conference, Grand Rapids.
  • Quaedackers, E. (speaker) (25-6-2011): A little big history of Tiananmen, 10th Annual World History Association Conference, Beijing.
  • Quaedackers, E. (speaker) (25-6-2010): Building from a big history perspective, 19th Annual World History Association Conference, San Diego.
  • Quaedackers, E. (speaker) (17-6-2009): How people can use building to influence ecological and social regimes, Fourth International Conference "Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations", Moscow.
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