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dr. C.J. (Caroline) Roset

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Since August 2004, I work as a lecturer at the Department of Arabic Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. Please check the tab 'teaching activities' for more information on this topic.

Recently, I finished my PhD research entitled 'A grammar of Darfur Arabic'. Please click the tab 'PhD research' for more information on this project and the link to the dissertation at the tab 'publications'.


Curriculum vitae

I studied Arabic, French and Dutch at the Higher School for Translation and Interpreting (HBO Tolk-Vertaler) in Maastricht. Subsequently, I studied Arabic at the University of Amsterdam, graduating in 1997 on my thesis on modern Yemeni poetry.


As part of my studies of Arabic I spent six months in Cairo and one academic year in Damascus, both at the local French institutes for Arabic Studies. During my studies at the University of Amsterdam, I did an internship at the Dutch Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen, in 1996.


After graduating, I worked on a local road safety project in North-East Syria for the oil company Shell in 1998. Back in the Netherlands, I got employed as an official in asylum matters at the Dutch Immigration- and Naturalizaton Service and later as a legal secretary at several Amsterdam law firms.


Please check for my publications.


Othman, Afnan, Abdallah (Hajj Youssef, Khartoum North, Sudan, February 2012)



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This academic year (2017-2018) I teach the undergraduate courses Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic language acquisition and Arabic in Contact (linguistics). Please see the Course catalogue and the UvA time table below for more information on these classes.


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Previously, I have been teaching classical as well as modern Arabic texts, the core course Arabic linguistics, Arabic philology, advanced language acquisition classes in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic, as well as Academic research and writing skills.


Deep-fried grasshoppers (Oumm Durman, Sudan, December 2012)

On 18 May 2018 I defended my Ph.D dissertation about the spoken Arabic of Darfur with the Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication, ACLC.


Darfur is de most western province of Sudan. Other than Arabic, many other languages are spoken in the area. I spent part of the winters of 2011-2015 in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. I collected my data among Darfurians living there by interviewing and recording them and then I transcribed their speech. The analysis resulted in my Ph.D thesis 'A grammar of Darfur Arabic'.

Below you can find a report on my field work in Khartoum in English and in Dutch and a web link to my article about Arabic dialects with Stemmen van Afrika. The complete thesis can be found open access at (check tab 'publications') and







Darfur, the most western province of Sudan


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  • Roset, C. (2009). [Review of: G. Mejdell (2006) Mixed styles in spoken Arabic in Egypt: somewhere between order and chaos]. Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 104(3), 334-338. DOI: 10.1524/olzg.2009.0028  [details] 


  • Roset, C. J. (2018). Integratie, Tariq Ramadan en Darfur-Arabisch. ZemZem, 2018(2), 92-95.


  • Roset, C. (2015). [Review of: C. Kleinitz, C. Näser (2012) Nihna nâs al-bahar - we are the people of the river: ethnographic research in the fourth Nile cataract region, Sudan]. Bibliotheca Orientalis, 72(1-2), 259-261. DOI: 10.2143/BIOR.72.1.3085187  [details] 


  • Khedairi, B., Roset, C. J., & Poppinga, D. (2009). Afwezig. Breda: De Geus.

Talk / presentation

  • Roset, C. (speaker) (1-6-2017). arifti kalaami, Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe (AIDA).
  • Roset, C. (speaker) (15-12-2015). Color Terms in Darfur Arabic, Workshop Language Change in the Arab World, Universiteit van Amsterdam.


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