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dr. A. (Aljaz) Ule

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
    Section Microeconomics
  • Visiting address
    REC E
    Roetersstraat 11  Amsterdam
    Room number: E7.33
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15867
    1001 NJ  Amsterdam
    T: 0205254205
    T: 0205254252

Background interests

Aljaž is assistant professor at the Department of General Economics, teaching courses on microeconomics, experimental economics and game theory. His research is focused mainly on dynamics of social institutions such as social networks, culture and social norms, and their effect on social behavior such as voluntary assistance and cooperation. His research tools include laboratory experiments, computer simulations and game theoretic analysis. 


  • Bardsley, N., & Ule, A. (2017). Focal Points Revisited: Team Reasoning, the Principle of Insufficient Reason and Cognitive Hierarchy Theory. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 133, 74-86. DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2016.10.004 




  • Ule, A. (2008). Partner choice and cooperation in networks: Theory and experimental evidence. (Lecture notes in economics and mathematical systems; No. 598). Berlin: Springer. [details] 


  • Ule, A., & Boucherie, R. J. (2006). Adaptive dynamic capacity borrowing in road-covering mobile networks. In W. Li, & Y. Pan (Eds.), Resource Allocation in Next Generation Wireless Networks. (pp. 67-87). (Wireless networks and mobile computing; Vol. 5). New York, NY: Nova Science Publishers.


  • Ule, J., Ule, A., Spencer, J., Williams, A., Hu, J., Cline, M., ... Darnell, R. B. (2005). Nova regulates an alternative splicing module to shape synaptic activity. Nature genetics, 37(8), 844-852. DOI: 10.1038/ng1610 


  • Ule, A., Ule, J., Jensen, K. B., Ruggiu, M., Mele, A., & Darnell, R. B. (2003). CLIP Identifies NOVA-Regulated RNA Networks in the Brain. Science, 302, 1212-1215. DOI: 10.1126/science.1090095  [details] 
  • Ule, A., & Boucherie, R. J. (2003). On the Distribution of CAlls in a Wireless Network driven by Fluid Traffic. European Journal of Operational Research, 147, 146-155. DOI: 10.1016/S0377-2217(02)00242-4  [details] 


  • Schram, A. J. H. C., & Ule, A. (2013). Privatizing Natural Monopolies. Den Haag: CPB.


  • Schram, A., & Ule, A. (2014). Democracy and Regulation: The Effects of Electoral Competition on Infrastructure Investments. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details] 
  • Bardsley, N., & Ule, A. (2014). Focal points revisited: team reasoning, the principle of insufficient reason and cognitive hierarchy theory. (MPRA Paper; No. 58256). Munich: Munich Personal RePEc Archive. [details] 


  • Schram, A., & Ule, A. (2013). Democracy and regulation: the effects of electoral competition on infrastructure investments. (Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper; No. 13-046/I). Tinbergen Institute. [details] 


  • Schram, A. J. H. C., & Ule, A. (2012). Investment with unstable regulation. Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.


  • Goeree, J. K., Riedl, A., & Ule, A. (2007). In search of stars: network formation among heterogeneous agents. (IZA Discussion Paper; No. 1754). Amsterdam: Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde. [details] 


  • Ule, A., & Boucherie, R. J. (2000). On the distribution of customers in a wireless network driven by fluid traffic. (Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper; No. TI 2000-052/4). Amsterdam / Rotterdam: Tinbergen Institute. [details] 
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