Exchange programme Child Development and Education

Exchange students

The College of Child Education and Development is part of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Students who are selected bytheir home university to participate in an exchange programme are hosted in the Amsterdam Exchange Programme - Social Sciences.This is a multi-disciplinary non-degree undergraduate programme for exchange students.

There are only a few Child Development and Education courses available in English, and these are mostly advanced level bachelor courses. Students who speak Dutch can also choose courses from the regular, Dutch curriculum. Students can also choose courses from other social sciences disciplines taking into account the entrance requirements as specified.

Degree programmes in Child Development and Education

Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Child Development and Education are mostly taught in Dutch. 

If you are interested in our English-taught Research Master's programme, please follow the link 'Graduate School of Child Development and Education'. Please be aware that our Research Master Child Development and Education is a selective programme, with only room for 15 students each year.

Students who wish to do a complete Child Development and Education programme and obtain their Bachelor's degree at the UvA will have to learn Dutch first. 

Students with a foreign Bachelor's degree in the field of Child Development or Educational Sciences who wish to continue their studies for a Master's degree in Child Development and Education at the UvA have to follow the same application procedure as a regular UvA student. Moreover, their specific background in the field of Child Development and Education will be evaluated by the Examination Board. This happens for each file individually. The study advisers of the Department of Child Development and Education will advise the Examination Board as to which Bachelor's courses the student will have to take before entering the Master's programme. 

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