Where knowledge developed by researchers is found suitable for product development in a new company-owned business, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) assists researchers in setting up their own business. The researcher receives guidance in seeking an entrepreneur and/or funding, and any staff required to enable him or her to develop the invention until it reaches full maturity.

Degree programmes offered at the UvA also focus on entrepreneurship. One such example is the minor in Entrepreneurship. Aside from specialised subject knowledge, students also acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in business acumen. The UvA integrates entrepreneurship training into degree programmes whenever possible, thus introducing entrepreneurship to as many students as possible. Present-day society not only requires knowledge, but also people who know how to apply such knowledge in a creative and entrepreneurial manner. For that reason, PhD students at the UvA also take an Entrepreneurship course.

Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

The Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship uses research and teaching as ways to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset amongst students and stimulate a successful business climate in the Netherlands. The ACE conducts academic research into the factors that underlie successful entrepreneurship (with a focus on human capital), the results of which are used to improve entrepreneurship (education) and influence (government) policy. 

Published by  University of Amsterdam

30 June 2016