Academic integrity

All those involved with teaching and research at the University of Amsterdam have an individual responsibility with respect to the maintenance of academic integrity. Accordingly, the general principles of professional academic conduct must be observed at all times.

The University of Amsterdam endorses the principles of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice. This Code obliges scientific practitioners not only to respect the principles of meticulousness, reliability, verifiability, impartiality and independence, but also to do everything within their power to promote and ensure compliance with these principles in their academic environment. 

One way to verify academic integrity is to exercise the right of complaint when employees of the University of Amsterdam have violated or are suspected of having violated academic integrity. To this end, the UvA has Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations, describing the appropriate measures in the event of a possible violation of academic standards.

For a schematic representation of the complaints process, please see the procedural flow chart.

Schema Wetenschappelijke Integriteit

Procedural flow chart

Questions or complaints about academic integrity?

As the University Academic Integrity Adviser, Prof. Hanneke de Haes can be approached for questions or complaints about academic integrity. If possible, she will seek to mediate or find a solution for the complaint, failing which she will refer you to the Academic Integrity Committee, where a formal complaint about a possible violation of academic integrity can be lodged.

Contact details University Academic Integrity Adviser

Prof. Hanneke de Haes
T: +31 (0)20 566 4756 (direct)
T: +31 (0)20 566 7730 (Petra Lantink, secretary)

See also the Regulations Governing the Confidential Adviser for Academic Integrity at the University of Amsterdam

Submitting a complaint

The Committee, appointed by the Executive Board to handle complaints concerning violations of academic integrity, will assess the admissibility of each complaint before dealing with its substance. The Committee consists of Prof. E.M.H. Hirsch-Ballin (Chair), Prof. J.E. Soeharno (member) and Prof. R.J.G. Peters (member).  It will then submit its advice on the validity of the complaint to the Executive Board. After considering this advice, the Executive Board will rule on the validity of the complaint. Complaints can be submitted through the Legal Affairs department (Ms J.M.C. (Miek) Krol, Director of Legal Affairs).


  • Mr. J.M.C. Krol, Director Legal Affairs


Questions, suspicions and/or complaints about violations of academic integrity may not result in any direct or indirect disadvantage to the complainant, except where the complainant has not acted in good faith. The same also applies to witnesses, experts, Confidential Advisers for Academic Integrity and members of the Committee or Sub-Committee.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

4 November 2016