Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA)

For the University of Amsterdam, knowledge transfer is a key pillar alongside those of research and education. Knowledge transfer makes scientific knowledge available to society.

Knowledge transfer is of major social significance. It strengthens the economic development of the Netherlands and opens up new sources of funding, which in turn enables the UvA to enhance the quality of its research and education.

Knowledge transfer starts with the scientist. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (formerly known as the Technology Transfer Office) was established in May 2008 to stimulate knowledge transfer and provide optimal support to scientists in the transfer process. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) assists staff in applying for grants and has two branches. The branch serving the UvA, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS/HvA) and all the institutes of the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research based in Amsterdam Science Park is located at Science Park 904, while the branch serving the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC-UvA) is located on AMC premises.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

6 January 2015