European Private Law (LLM)

A Master’s programme on European civil and commercial law in context.

Private law in Europe has undergone a rapid transformation throughout the last two decades. Originating from a branch of law that was scarcely affected by EU legislation, it has become the object of a multitude of harmonisation measures. Intervention by the EU legislature has evolved from a sectoral approach to a horizontal approach, to the point that adopting a comprehensive European Contract Law instrument is now high on the political agenda. As a result of this development, there is a growing demand for lawyers with a thorough understanding of existing European private law and the ongoing Europeanisation process within legal practices, as well as national and EU institutions and academic research institutes.

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Studying European Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Amsterdam  

  • Should fundamental rights be used by judges in solving private law cases?
  • To what extent can shareholders of a company also be creditors in the winding up of this company? 
  • Is it possible for a company to change its seat to another member state?
  • When can you claim compensation from the airlines in case your flight was cancelled or delayed?

These and other private and commercial law questions are addressed in the diverse courses our Master's programme offers. The curriculum provides students with a unique opportunity to specialise in European private law, through a comprehensive set of courses covering the issues that are central to the Europeanisation of private law. Students study existing European rules, current harmonisation endeavours and compare –in fields of law where European rules are lacking- national rules of the most influential European systems. Lecturers for the Master’s in European Private Law programme have diverse European backgrounds and many also work with the University of Amsterdam’s Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL), which conducts research specifically on the consequences of European integration and globalisation for private law. Students are invited to participate in the bi-weekly guest seminars organized by the CSECL.

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