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mw. mr. dr. C.M. (Catherine) Brölmann

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Catherine (Kiki) Brölmann is an associate professor of international law at the Department of International Law, and  a research fellow at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. She is Director of the Research Master in Public International Law at the UvA

Brölmann is a member of the Advisory Committee for  Public International Law of the Netherlands Government. In 2014 she joined the Board of Directors of WaterLex in Geneva.


Research interests include: general public international law;  law of international organization(s); international rule of law; rule-making processes;  interaction between national and international legal orders; theory of international law; law of treaties; collective human rights; international law and governance of natural resources.

Brölmann has worked for an extensive period on secondment to the legal division of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has been concerned with the practice of international law also as an external legal advisor to  the organization  Both Ends -  i.a. in  the steering group of the government-funded project  "The Right to Water at the World Bank" -, and as an amicus curiae to the Court of Appeal in The Hague.

Catherine Brölmann is editor of the  International Community Law Review; member of the Scientific Board of the International Law Book Series with Editoriale Scientifica, and of the International Board of Editors of the  Polish Review of International and European Law. She was a delegate member of the Studygroup on Responsibility of International Organisations, International Law Association.

In 2012 she was a visiting professor at the  Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Bologna (IV-VII), and a visiting fellow at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin (X-XI).

Catherine Brölmann holds a degree in law (LL.M and PhD, UvA) and in Italian literature and Romance linguistics (MA, UvA). Other ac-legal formation includes a diploma of the University of Helsinki, Summer Seminar (1998).

External research i.a. as Research Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre, University of Cambridge (spring 2004);  Visiting Fellow at Queen Mary College, University of London (summer 2006); Visiting Fellow at the University of Bologna (summer 2011), and at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin (Autumn 2012). 

New: Theory and Practice of International Lawmaking (2016)

Key Publications

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  • “Typologies and the ‘Essential Juridical Character’ of Treaties” in M Bowman and D Kritsiotis (eds), Conceptual and Contextual Perspectives on the Modern Law of Treaties (Cambridge University Press, 2017 – forthcoming)
  • Research Handbook on the Theory and Practice of International Lawmaking (London, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2016), with Y Radi (eds).
  • The 1980 ICJ advisory opinion on Interpretation of the Agreement of 25 March 1951 between the WHO and Egypt, in I Dekker, C Ryngaert, R Wessel, J Wouters (eds) Leading Judicial Decisions of the Law of International Organizations (Oxford University Press, 2016).
  • “Member States and International Legal Responsibility: Developments of the Institutional Veil”, 12 (2015) International Organizations Law Review 358-381
  • ‘The PCIJ and International Rights of Groups and Individuals’, in Chr Tams & M Fitzmaurice,  Legacies of the Permanent Court of International Justice (Leiden-Boston, Martinus Nijhoff, 2013), 123-143
  • "Specialized Rules of Treaty Interpretation: International Organizations", in Duncan Hollis (ed), the Oxford Guide to Treaties , Oxford University Press, 2012, 507-524
  • CM Brölmann & A Tanzi (eds), Community and Sovereignty : Transboundary Aquifers and International Law (Brill, 2011 - Special Issue of the ICLRev vol. 13)
  • 'International Organizations and Treaties: Contractual Freedom and Institutional Constraint' in J Klabbers (ed.), Research Handbook on International Organizations, London, Elgar Publishers, 2011, 285-312 
  • 'Challenging International Criminal Tribunals before Domestic Courts', in A Reinisch (ed.), Challenges of Acts of International Organizations before National Courts (Oxford University Press, 2010), 111-136 (with J d'Aspremont)  
  • The Institutional Veil in Public International Law: International Organisations and the Law of Treaties, Oxford , Hart Publishers, 2007 [see link below] -- (Reviews include the European JIL,  American JIL, Netherlands JIL, the Journal of Conflict and Security Law)
  •  'Deterritorialization in International Law : Moving away from the Divide between National and International Law' in J Nijman & A Nollkaemper, New Perspectives on the Divide between National and International Law, Oxford University Press, 2007, 84-109 [see link below]
  • ' A Flat Earth? International Organizations in the System ofInternational Law', in  International Organizations , Series: Library of Essays in International Law, Ashgate, 2006, 183-206 (reprint from the Nordic Journal of IL)
  • 'Beyond state sovereignty: The Human Right to water' in 5 Non-State actors and International Law 2005, 183-208 (with Th Kiefer).
  • 'Law-Making Treaties: Form and Function in International Law', 74 Nordic Journal of International Law 2005, Issue 3, 383-404
  • 'Limits to the Treaty Paradigm' in M Craven & M Fitzmaurice (eds.), Interrogating the Treaty: Essays in the Contemporary Law ofTreaties , Wolf Legal Publishers, 2005, 28-39


Currently taught courses at the UVA are Internationaal Publiekrecht; International Organization; and the research master seminar series on the International Rule of Law. Other focal areas of teaching are the Law of Treaties,  Sources & Foundations of International Law; Law & Practice of the United Nations, International Water Law and the EU as an international actor.

Visiting and associate lectureships include Queen Mary college, University of London; University of Leiden; University of Helsinki; Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam; University of Bologna; Yeditepe University of  Istanbul; Nederlandse Academie voor Wetgeving (Netherlands Academy for Legislation). 



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  • Brölmann, C. (2016). Interpretation of the Agreement of 25 March 1951 between the WHO and Egypt, Advisory Opinion, [1980] ICJ Rep 73. In C. Ryngaert, I. F. Dekker, R. A. Wessel, & J. Wouters (Eds.), Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations (pp. 245-254). Oxford: Oxford University Press. [details] 
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  • Brölmann, C. (2017). Legal assessment of the COTIF revision procedure and of possibilities for its amendment. Berne: OTIF. [details] 
  • Brölmann, C. M. (2017). Internationaal recht. In A. van Montfort (Ed.), Hoofdstukken recht voor niet-juristen: inleiding recht voor bedrijf en overheid (3 ed., pp. 399-422). (Boom Juridische studieboeken). Den Haag: Boom Juridisch. [details] 


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  • Brölmann, C. M., & Beets, R., (2016). Netherlands Supreme Court (2015), Anonymous v. Public Prosecutor, Case No 14/01783: ILDC 2571 (NL 2015) , (International Law in Domestic Courts).
  • Globalization TrendLab 2016 (The Lauder Institute-Wharton School) (2016). Water: Scarcity, Excess and the Geopolitics of Allocation. (Globalization TrendLab; Vol. 2016). Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania.


  • Commissie van Advies inzake Volkenrechtelijke Vraagstukken (2015). Advies inzake Aansprakelijkheid van Internationale Organisaties. (Advies - CAVV; No. 27). Den Haag: Commissie van Advies inzake Volkenrechtelijke Vraagstukken.


  • Brölmann, C. (Author), & Vandamme, T. (Author). (2014). Secession within the Union: Scotland said NO, but the quest for a legal framework continues. [details] 
  • Brölmann, C. M., Kuijper, P. J., Lammers, J. G., Wessel, R. A., & Oude Elferink, A. G. (2014). Extern optreden van de Europese Unie en internationaal recht. (AIV-advies; No. 24). Den Haag: AIV/CAVV. [details] 
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  • Brölmann, C. (Author). (2012). The Oxford Guide to Treaties Symposium: Contractual and institutional elements in the treaty process. Opinio Juris. [details] 
  • Brölmann, C., (2012). Case note: Supreme Court (Netherlands) [HR] (Spaans v Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, Final appeal judgment, Case No 12627: Decision No LJN: AC9158), No. 1759 (NL 1985), Dec 20, 1985. (International Law in Domestic Courts; Vol. 2012). [details] 


  • Brölmann, K. (Author). (2011). Typologies of treaties under the VCLT regime. Nottingham: University of Nottingham. [details] 
  • Brölmann, C. (2011). Transboundary aquifers as a concern of the international community: editorial. International Community Law Review, 13(3), 189-191. DOI: 10.1163/187197311X582377  [details] 
  • Brölmann, C., (2011). Case note: Den Bosch Court of Appeal (NV Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg v Anonymous, Appeal judgment, HD 200 018 358: LJN: BL6583), No. 1694 (NL 2010), Mar 02, 2010. (International Law in Domestic Courts; Vol. 2011). [details] 

Wetenschappelijke positie

  • Brölmann, Catherine (2014-): Member of the Board of Directors and chair of the Scientific Committee, WaterLex.
  • Brölmann, Catherine (2013-): Consultative Council, Polish Review of International and European Law.
  • Brölmann, Catherine (2012-): Scientific Board, Editoriale Scientifica, Napels-Milan.
  • Brölmann, Catherine (2011-): Advisory Committee for Public International Law of the Government of the Netherlands (CAVV), Commissie Advies Volkenrechtelijke Vraagstukken (CAVV), The Hague.


  • Brölmann, C., van Alebeek, R., & Nollkaemper, A. (Eds.) (2017). Jurisprudentie en documentatie internationaal publiekrecht. - 7e druk. (Boom jurisprudentie en documentatie). Den Haag: Boom Juridisch. [details] 
  • Brölmann, C., & Radi, Y. (Eds.) (2016). Research handbook on the theory and practice of international lawmaking. (Research handbooks in international law). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. [details] 


  • Brölmann, Catherine (editor in chief) (2017-): Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) (Journal).
  • Brölmann, Catherine (member of editorial board) (2007-): International Community Law Review (Journal).


  • Brölmann, Catherine (invited speaker) (27-1-2017): The Juridical will of international organisations : can IOs ‘have’ opinio juris?, University of Manchester.
  • Brölmann, Catherine (invited speaker) (23-9-2016): ‘Dynamic interpretation and dynamic regimes: the case of Whaling in the Antarctic’, Queen Mary, University of London.


  • Brölmann, Catherine (organiser) (6-2016): Exiting Institutions (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • Irving, E-L. (2017). The shared protection of human rights at the International Criminal Court [details] 
  • Nedeski, N. (2017). Shared obligations in international law [details] 


  • Brölmann, C., & Nijman, J. (2017). Legal Personality as a Fundamental Concept of International Law. (Amsterdam Law School Legal Studies Research Paper; No. 2016-43), (Amsterdam Center for International Law; No. 2016-17). Amsterdam: Amsterdam Center for International Law, University of Amsterdam. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.2845222  [details] 
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