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Laura Burgers (1989) joined the European Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL) as a PhD candidate in January 2016. The working title of her thesis is Justitia, the Peoples' Power and Mother Earth; Boundaries of democratically legitimate judicial law-making in European private law with environmental liability claims as a case-study. Supervisors are professor doctor C. Mak & doctor M. Bartl. Laura’s research is embedded in Mak’s Vidi-project Judges in Utopia – Judicial law-making in European private law.

Laura has graduated from the University of Amsterdam (Research Master in Public International Law & Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Culture). Benefiting from exchange programs, she also studied French law at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France) and international law at New York University (New York, United States of America). 

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  • Burgers, L. E., & de Waal, T. M. (2017). Activisme via de rechter. Wijsgerig Perspectief op Maatschappij en Wetenschap, 57(4), 25-33.


  • Burgers, L. E. (2017). Meebeslissen. De democratie, de aarde en de toekomst. In M. Janssens (Ed.), Brainwash 2017. De belangrijkste vragen voor morgen Nijgh en van Ditmar.


  • Burgers, L. (Author). (2016). NGO Milieudefensie starts tort proceedings against Dutch State for bad policy on air quality. Web publication/site, Judges in Utopia. [details] 
  • Burgers, L. (Author). (2016). Researchers in Utopia? Benefits and dangers of case-law databases. Web publication/site, Judges in Utopia. [details] 


  • Burgers, Laura (12-04-2018): 'Mijn motivatie is dat ik denk dat ik gelijk heb' De Groene Amsterdammer. 'Mijn motivatie is dat ik denk dat ik gelijk heb'.
  • Burgers, Laura (21-09-2017): NRC opinion 'Stop behalve luchtvervuiling ook debatvervuiling' [Print] NRC Handelsblad. Opinion NRC 'Stop behalve luchtvervuilling ook debatvervuiling'.
  • Burgers, Laura (04-07-2017): Waarom je in India door een rivier voor de rechter gesleept kunt worden [Web] Waarom je in India door een rivier voor de rechter gesleept kunt worden.
  • Burgers, Laura (04-08-2016): Brainwash Zomerradio [Radio] NPO radio 1. Is Dutch democracy endangered by a tort case against the State on alledgedly too litlle ambitious air pollution policy?, Interview with Omroep Human at NPO Radio 1.


  • Burgers, Laura (speaker) (20-12-2017): 'Justitia, the People's Power and Mother Earth' Christmas Lecture for NGO StopEcocide, Stop Ecocide.
  • Burgers, Laura (speaker) (15-12-2017): Talk about my research during lunch meeting research group 'Coherent Privaatrecht', Universiteit Leiden, Leiden.
  • Burgers, Laura (speaker) (5-12-2017): talk about my research during lunch meeting research group 'hanteerbaar privaatrecht', Rijksuniversiteit van Groningen.
  • Burgers, Laura (speaker) (17-10-2017): Democratie versus... Moeder Aarde!? - Talk at academic-cultural podium SPUI25, Academisch-cultureel podium SPUI25.
  • Burgers, Laura (speaker) (15-10-2016): Meebeslissen. Over Democratie, de Aarde en de Toekomst, Brainwash Festival 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • Burgers, Laura (visiting researcher) (3-3-2018 - 27-7-2018): University of Oslo (visiting an external institution).
  • Burgers, Laura (organiser), van Duin, J.M.L. (organiser) & Mak, C. (organiser) (28-9-2017 - 29-9-2017): Vidi Workshop - Judges in Utopia (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Burgers, Laura (participant) (1-6-2017): LSE Law: Workshop for Young EU Lawyers (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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