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mw. mr. dr. drs. I. (Iris) van Domselaar

Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Afd. Privaatrecht A

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    1001 NH Amsterdam
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    Iris van Domselaar is associate professor in legal ethics and legal philosophy and founding co-director of the Amsterdam Center on the Legal Professions. She has studied both philosophy and law and was a visiting fellow at the Department of Philosophy of Harvard University and at the Department of Philosophy of Chicago University. 

    Van Domselaar's research focuses on the question how to account for ethics in legal practice. She especially addresses this question in relation to the classic legal institutions, like the judiciary and advocacy and other institutions relevant for securing values of political morality and the rule of law. Drawing on neo-Aristotelian/neo-Wittgensteinian strands within practical philosophy and on social-empirical research, she seeks to come to grips with ethics as 'lived experience' on the part of legal professionals and of citizens who are directly involved in legal procedures. 

    In her Ph.D. thesis ‘The Fragility of Rightness. Adjudication and the primacy of practice’  van Domselaar developed a virtue-ethical approach to legal decision-making in which a 'six pack' of judicial virtues, the concept of civic friendship and that of tragic legal choice play a key role. In 2015 she won the departmental prize for best article of the year with her article Moral Quality in Adjudication: On Judicial Virtues and Civic Friendship. She has published extensively in professional and international top journals. Most recently, she has published on the topic of moral perception in legal practice and legal ethics for corporate lawyers. 

    Van Domselaar is frequently invited as keynote/guest speaker on the topic of lawyers' ethics, judicial ethics, tragic legal choice, professional courage, moral perception and law. 

    Van Domselaar has vast experience as a teacher in legal ethics. She is coordinator of the bachelor 'minor' 'The Legal Professions' and teaches courses such as 'legal ethics and integrity for legal professionals', 'legal ethics for lawyers', 'legal philosophy' and 'legal ethics for corporate lawyers'. 


    Research interests/Expertise

    Virtue ethics and law, moral perception in legal practice, ethics for corporate lawyers, tragedy and moral dilemma's in law, legal and professional ethics, professional courage, legal reasoning, theories of justice, theories of adjudication, law and emotions, law and film, neo-Aristotelian/neo-Wittgensteinian accounts of justice/professional ethics, civic friendship. 

    The Fragility of Rightness. Adjudication and the primacy of practice.

  • Courses

    Minor track The Legal Professions/Togaberoepen 

    Integrity and Legal Ethics for Legal Professionals (BA)/Integriteit en Beroepsethiek voor Juristen

    Legal Ethics and Lawyers (MA)/Beroepsethiek en Advocatuur, samen met Prof. Diana de Wolff

    Legal Ethics for Corporate Lawyers (MA)/Beroepsethiek voor Corporate Advocaten 

    Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy (BA)/Rechtstheorie en Rechtsfilosofie


  • Opinie/Populair wetenschappelijk
  • Publicaties




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    • van Domselaar, I. (13-06-2016). Bedrijfsadvocaat, dien de publieke zaak [Print] NRC Handelsblad. Bedrijfsadvocaat, dien de publieke zaak.
    • van Domselaar, I. (13-06-2016). Maak meer werk van onafhankelijke bedrijfsadvocaat [Web] Advocatenblad. Maak meer werk van onafhankelijke bedrijfsadvocatuur.
    • van Domselaar, I. (11-06-2014). Het gaat hier vaak over baby's [Print]. Het gaat hier vaak over baby's.


    • van Domselaar, I. (reviewer) (2017-). Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy (Journal).


    • van Domselaar, I. (keynote speaker) (9-2-2017). De onafhankelijkheid van de in-house advocaat: een in context benadering, Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten, Neuhuyskade 94, postbus 30851, 2500 GW Den Haag.
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (22-12-2016). The art of talking to the loser in adjudication, University of Cantanzaro .
    • van Domselaar, I. (keynote speaker) (31-10-2016). Judicial Courage in organisational context, De Brave Rechter , Leiden , Netherlands.
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (21-9-2016). Whistleblowing and the Law: a realist perspective, Bildung Academie (Amsterdam).
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (23-6-2016). On Moral and Tragic Dilemmas in Law, SSR (Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary), Uniceflaan 1 3527 WX Utrecht.
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (23-6-2016). What can Judges learn from McEwan’s Children Act?, SSR (Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary), Uniceflaan 1 3527 WX Utrecht.
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (15-6-2016). Empathy and the Art of Addressing the Loser in Law: a reply to Suzanne Keen, Imagination and Legal Reasoning: History, Theory, Pedagogy: one-day workshop, London, United Kingdom.
    • van Domselaar, I. (invited speaker) (29-1-2016). 'A T-Shaped What? A (more) Sceptical Approach to T-shaped Lawyering', Landelijke Juridische Onderwijsdag, Amsterdam.


    • van Domselaar, I. (chair) (15-6-2017). Symposium Legal Ethics and Corporate Lawyers: Friends or Foes?, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van Domselaar, I. (participant) (21-11-2016). Expert meeting on Virtues and Law (organized by Jan Klabbers), Rotterdam , Netherlands (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • van Domselaar, I. (chair) (15-7-2016). International Legal Ethics Conference VII, New York (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).


    • van Domselaar, I. (2016). The Perceptive Judge. (Amsterdam Law School Research Paper; No. 2016-38). Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details] 
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