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Theresa Kuhn is an Assistant Professor (with tenure) in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. She is also Head of Studies for the Politics major of the interdisciplinary BA programme PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics). Previously, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford. Theresa Kuhn obtained a PhD from the European University Institute, Florence, in 2011. Her research has been recognzied with a number of prizes, including the UACES best book prize for her book Experiencing European Integration. Transnational Lives and European Identity (Oxford University Press 2015).

Theresa's current project Boundaries of Solidarity, funded by an NWO-Veni Grant, analyses transnational solidarity in the European sovereign debt crisis using laboratory experiments and opinion surveys. In a NORFACE-funded research project, she researches migrants' attitudes and expectations towards the welfare state. 

For further information including publications, teaching and research projects, please visit Theresa's personal website.



  • Stoeckel, F., & Kuhn, T. (2017). Mobilising citizens for costly policies: The conditional effect of party cues on support for international bailouts in the European Union. Journal of Common Market Studies, forthcoming[details]


  • Kuhn, T. (2016). The social stratification of European schoolchildren’s transnational experiences: a cross-country analysis of the International Civics and Citizenship Study. European Sociological Review, 32(2), 266-279. DOI: 10.1093/esr/jcv097 [details]
  • Kuhn, T., van Elsas, E., Hakhverdian, A., & van der Brug, W. (2016). An ever wider gap in an ever closer union: Rising inequalities and euroscepticism in 12 West European democracies, 1975-2009. Socio-Economic Review, 14(1), 27-45. DOI: 10.1093/ser/mwu034 [details]



  • Kuhn, T., & Stoeckel, F. (2014). When European integration becomes costly: the euro crisis and public support for European economic governance. Journal of European Public Policy, 21(4), 624-641. DOI: 10.1080/13501763.2013.867892 [details]


  • Hakhverdian, A., van Elsas, E., van der Brug, W., & Kuhn, T. (2013). Euroscepticism and Education: A Longitudinal Study of Twelve EU Member States, 1973-2010. European Union Politics, 14(3), 552-541. [details]


  • Kuhn, T. (2012). Europa ante Portas: Border Residence, Transnational Interaction and Euroscepticism in Germany and France. European Union Politics, 13(1), 94-117. DOI: 10.1177/1465116511418016 [details]
  • Kuhn, T. (2012). Why Educational Exchange Programmes Miss their Mark: Cross-border Mobility, Education and European Identity. Journal of Common Market Studies, 50(6), 994-1010. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-5965.2012.02286.x [details]


  • Kuhn, T. (2011). Individual Transnationalism, Globalization and Euroscepticism: An Empirical Test of Deutsch’s Transactionalist Theory. European Journal of Political Research, 50(6), 811-837. [details]


  • Recchi, E., & Kuhn, T. (2013). Europeans’ Space-Sets and the Political Legitimacy of the EU. In N. Kauppi (Ed.), A Political Sociology of Transnational Europe. (pp. 191-222). Colchester: ECPR Press. [details]


  • Kuhn, T. (2017). European identity through European experiences. In Quo vadis? European identity, policy and the future of the European Union (pp. 31-37). CEPR Press. [details]


  • Kuhn, T. (2016): UACES Prize for the best Book in Contemporary European Studies.
  • Kuhn, T. (2015): JEPP-Award for best article published in Journal of European Public Policy in 2015 (with Florian Stoeckel).
  • Kuhn, T. (2012): THESEUS Award for promising research on European integration.
  • Kuhn, T. (2011): EUI’s Linz-Rokkan prize for the best thesis in political sociology 2011.
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