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Maiko Meguro joined the Amsterdam Center for International Law in September 2016. Her research focuses on international law making process through the lenses of interaction between legal bindingness and normativity, and interaction between decision making processes at domestic and international level. 

She also works for Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan where she previously served as a deputy director specialized in international negotiations and legal matters. During her time in office, she served for negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC), Intergovernmental Panels of Climate Change(IPCC), WTO dispute settlement  and several investment related treaties including Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) and EU-Japan EPA. She also worked as a researcher at several institutions including the Energy Charter Treaty, Brussels.  She is junior editor (theme developer on climate change and other environment, energy resource related topic) of the Oxford database for International Organizations (OXIO).

Maiko has a LLM in Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam, and a Master's in International Relations(specialized in international law) from the University of Tokyo, Japan. 


  • Meguro, M. (in press). Customary International Law and Non-State Actors: Between Anthropomorphism and Artificial Unity. In I. Scobbie, & S. Droubi (Eds.), Non-State Actors and the Formation of Customary International Law (Melland Schill Perspectives on International Law). Manchester: Manchester University Press.


  • Meguro, M. (2017). Distinguishing the Legal Bindingness and Normative Content of Customary International Law. ESIL Reflections, 6(11). [details] 


  • Meguro, M. (Author). (2018). EJIL Debate. The Whaling case and the Duty to Cooperate: Responding to Professors Thirlway and d’Aspremont. Web publication/site, EJIL: Talk!.


  • Meguro, Maiko (member of editorial board) (2017): Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) (Journal).


  • Meguro, Maiko (speaker) (2-6-2018): Programming for a World and Constituted Expertise: The Case of Climate Change, IGLP: The Conference 2018 (Harvard Law School), Cambridge, United States.
  • Meguro, Maiko (speaker) (12-5-2018): Going Beyond State vs non-State Dichotomy in International Law, University of Kyoto (International Law Seminar).
  • Meguro, Maiko (speaker) (11-3-2018): Creation of Bindingness: Whose Voice Matters?, Critical Research in Public International Law, Stockholm Center for International Law and Justice, Sweden.
  • Meguro, Maiko (speaker) (30-1-2018): The Inextricability of Methods:Qualitative Causality and Process Tracing in International Law, Workshop: the Neglected Methodologies of International Law, United Kingdom.
  • Meguro, Maiko (invited speaker) (26-1-2018): Reporter: Can a source be a tool of critique?, THE SOURCES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE INTERNATIONAL LAW OF SOURCES by the Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law, Fribourg, Switzerland.
  • Meguro, Maiko (invited speaker) (3-11-2017): Collective State Consent - the Collapse of Democratic Legitimacy Thesis, Manchester International Law Center.
  • Meguro, Maiko (speaker) (14-6-2017): International law does not arise out of nowhere - the process of law-making and the role of non-state actors, Manchester International Law Center.
  • Meguro, Maiko (invited speaker) (31-5-2017): Perspectives internationales and comparées sur la mise en œuvre de l’accord de Paris, FORUM SUR LA MISE EN OEUVRE DE L’ACCORD DE PARIS , Paris, France.


  • Meguro, Maiko (chair) (18-5-2018): Japan and International Law (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Meguro, Maiko (organiser) (8-5-2018): Closed Workshop-Expert Meeting THE CREATION OF BINDINGNESS IN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


  • Meguro, M. (2017). Eliminating barriers to the entry and to the establishment of energy investments. (OCCASIONAL PAPER SERIES). Brussels: Energy Charter Secretariat .
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