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  • Sánchez Querubín, N., & Rogers, R. A. (2018). Connected Routes: Migration Studies with Digital Devices and Platforms. Social Media + Society, 4(1). DOI: 10.1177/2056305118764427 


  • Rogers, R., Sánchez-Querubín, N., & Kil, A. (2015). Issue Mapping for an Ageing Europe. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details] 


  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (2017). Webs and Streams: Mapping Issue Networks Using Hyperlinks, Hashtags and (Potentially) Embedded Content. In M. T. Schäfer, & K. van Es (Eds.), The Datafied Society : Studying Culture through Data (pp. 95-108). Amsterdam Univ. Press. DOI: 10.5117/9789462981362  [details] 


  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (Author), Venturini, T. (Author), Meunier, A. (Author), Munk, A. K. (Author), Borra, E. K. (Author), Rieder, B. (Author), ... Bounegru, L. (Author). (2014). Climaps: A Global Issue Atlas of Climate Change Adaptation. Web publication/site, Retrieved from 



  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (23-10-2018). How to map digital consumers? (¿Como "mapear" mejor el consumidor digital?) [Television] CNN. How to map digital consumers?.


  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) (5-10-2018). Issue mapping, Mas Cartagena. , Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) (15-12-2017). #still(motherhood): Repurposing Instagram for the study of wounded storytelling, Symposium on cross-disciplinary research in the health humanities and beyond , Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) (10-2017). Let's talk about illness storytelling with social media, ARIAS meeting: art, culture, health, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) (10-5-2017). The Wounded Healers of Instagram, Trauma Studies in the Digital Age, amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) & Gerlitz, C. (speaker) (1-2016). Platforms doing numbers. A history of numbering practices on YouTube, Otherwise Engaged. Critical Analytics and the New Meanings of Engagement Online , Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (speaker) (2015). Monitoring Environmental Issues on New Media. Data analytics as Critical Practice, The 2015 Conference on Communication and Environment in Boulder, Boulder, United States.


  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (visiting researcher) (10-9-2018 - 10-10-2018). Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano (visiting an external institution).
  • Sánchez Querubín, N. (participant) (8-2016). The Inaugural CUHK Research Summit, Hong Kong, China (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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