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Michael Stevenson is lecturer and PhD candidate at the Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam, where he also earned his Research M.A. in 2008. His dissertation is titled "The web as exception: the rise of new media publishing cultures." The project explores various significant articulations of the web as an exception to mass or mainstream media, and includes chapters on Wired's early online publishing venture (the now-defunct HotWired), the tech news site Slashdot and the establishment of blogging as a web cultural form.
Stevenson is also a member of the Digital Methods Initiative, and has worked previously on a range of new media and web projects with Govcom.org, the Institute of Network Cultures, Paradiso/de Balie and Mediamatic. From 2006-2008 he contributed to the New Media M.A. blog, Masters of Media. In 2011 he was visiting scholar at the University of San Francisco.

Teaching 2012-2013: Code & Culture (coordinator / lecturer).

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