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UvA Teaching & Learning Centres

The innovation and professionalisation of teaching and the sharing of knowledge are among our core values. The central Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC) works together with the faculty TLCs to accomplish initiatives in this area.

The central TLC focuses on developing overarching activities and facilitating interfaculty exchanges and cooperation with regard to innovation, knowledge sharing and professionalisation.

Objectives of the central TLC

  • Educational reform across the faculties: the central TLC links subjects, themes and projects to improve educational development and innovation in line with the UvA's vision on teaching and learning as well as its mission and in keeping with the requirements of the various faculties.
  • Teaching staff development: the central TLC is responsible for assessing the needs for training and professionalisation within the faculties, and organises broad programmes for training and professionalisation that are accessible to the entire UvA.
  • Knowledge development: the central TLC pools knowledge from the various faculty projects and brings together various experiential experts.
  • Knowledge exchange: the central TLC connects the various faculties and focuses on community-building.
  • Connection with the outside world: the central TLC represents the UvA in the outside world, where it gathers knowledge for dissemination throughout the UvA.

UvA employees can find more information on the staff page about the TLCs.