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English at the University of Amsterdam combines literature and culture from the entire English-speaking world with English Linguistics - the language as it was spoken in the past and today.
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Dr Glitz Gives a Paper at 'Monarchy and Modernity' conference in Cambridge
11 February 2019
In January of this year (2019), English Department staff member Dr Rudolph Glitz took a trip to frosty Cambridge to attend and present a paper at an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual conference. This three day ...
The B Word: Successful run for new play co-written by Dr Kristine Johanson
16 January 2019
In collaboration with the Orange Theatre Company (OTC), Kristine Johanson, Assistant Professor of English, and John Mabey co-wrote a successful comedy-drama about Brexit and the complexities that come with ...
Padraic Monaghan, professor of English Linguistics
27 June 2018
Prof. P. Monaghan (1972) has been appointed professor of English Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.

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