Take a minor as part of your Bachelor’s programme

Tailor your study programme by taking a minor that suits your interests. You can either explore another subject with an interdisciplinary minor or you can choose to specialise and study a topic in greater depth.

A variety of  minors are available at each UvA faculty. A minor is a cohesive set of courses worth 15 to 60 ECTS credits (most minors are 24 or 30 ECTS) that you can take in addition to your major. Read more about minors in the online Course Catalogue.

Why take a minor?

  • To expand your breadth of knowledge by choosing an interdisciplinary minor or a minor in a different field.
  • To increase your depth of knowledge by choosing a specialised minor in your field.
  • To prepare for the process of choosing a Master’s programme.
  • To start thinking about your options after the Bachelor’s programme.


  • Check during which period of your degree programme you can take a minor.
  • Check your degree programme’s requirements for taking a minor.
  • Check whether your minor must be approved by the Examinations Board.
  • Check the entry requirements for the minor of your choice.
  • Check when the minor of your choice is available in the timetable.
  • Check the application process for the minor and each course in the minor.
  • For non-UvA students: check how to enrol as a ‘guest student’.

Minors for non-UvA students

The UvA also offers various minors and electives for students who are not enrolled at the UvA. Some minors are also open to students at universities of applied sciences. Be sure to check the entry requirements for the minor that you would like to take. Find out more about how to register as a guest student for a minor or elective course under Electives.


Who can take a minor?

All Bachelor’s students, including students from other universities, can opt to use their optional subjects towards a minor. Master's students cannot take a minor as part of their programme.

When can I enrol in a minor?

You can enrol in a minor starting in the second or third year of your Bachelor’s programme. A number of minors can be expanded to equal a total of 60 credits. Most minors consist of a package of compulsory and elective courses.

Will I receive a diploma on completing a minor?

There is no separate diploma for the successful completion of a minor; however, the minor is specified on the diploma supplement you receive with your Bachelor’s diploma.

Is a minor compulsory?

For most programmes a minor is not compulsory. A minor is only compulsory in a number of Bachelor’s programmes at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Published by  University of Amsterdam

9 November 2017