Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

Stochastics examines phenomena in which chance plays a central role, such as election results, fluctuations in stock prices or molecular interactions in a living cell. It can be subdivided into statistics, probability theory and stochastic operations research. Financial mathematics is an important field in the application of stochastics which offers fascinating research possibilities.  The Master's programme Stochastics and Financial Mathematics trains you in the full depth and breadth of these fields, in both theory and application.

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There is a wide range of specialisations available, based on the many areas in which stochastics is applied, their scope and the challenging problems they pose. Both theoretically inclined and more practically oriented students can select specific courses to suit their personal interests.

The Master's programme is offered in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As a result, you profit from the expertise of both universities, as well as the networks and cooperative research projects at these universities.



Degree programme
MSc Stochastics and Financial Mathematics
Regular study programme
120 ECTS, 24 months
Language of instruction
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