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Human society in all its aspects

Sociology deals with human society in its entirety both at the micro level (behavior of individuals in relation to his or her social environment) as at the meso and macro level (institutions and larger social systems).


Sociology at the UvA focuses on the spatial and socio-economic mobility of the urban population, the rise and fall of urban lifestyles and cultures, social relations between individuals and groups, old and new forms of discrimination, inequality, and citizenship, as well as the policy dimensions.


Research is organised in three Sociology programme groups (which are part of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research):

  1. Cultural Sociology: about culture as a meaningful dimension in human life, about cultural elements that people produce in institutional settings and the relationships between these two meanings of culture.
  2. Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference: on relations of conflict and cohesion that develop in various national and international settings, with an eye for the themes of citizenship, politics, policy, social movements and the state.
  3. Institutions, Inequalities, and Life courses (IIL): examining institutions in a broad way as the formal and informal rules and arrangements in society that govern individual behavior and social relationships. 


The University of Amsterdam offers various Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Sociology, as well as summer and winter courses related to Sociology.

Bachelor's programmes

Master's programmes

Research Master's programme

Summer and Winter programmes


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Prof. dr. O.J.M. (Olav) Velthuis

Department chair

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1018 WV Amsterdam

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