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Dr. P.L. (Priska) Breves

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Persuasive Communication

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Postbus 15791
    1001 NG Amsterdam
  • Publicaties


    • Stein, J-P., Breves, P. L., & Anders, N. (2022). Parasocial interactions with real and virtual influencers: The role of perceived similarity and human-likeness. New Media & Society . https://doi.org/10.1177/14614448221102900


    • Breves, P. L. (2021). Biased by being there: The persuasive impact of spatial presence on cognitive processing. Computers in Human Behavior, 119, [106723].
    • Breves, P. L., & Dodel, N. (2021). The influence of cybersickness and the media devices’ mobility on the persuasive effects of 360° commercials. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 80, 27299–27322.
    • Breves, P. L., & Schramm, H. (2021). Bridging psychological distance: The impact of immersive media on distant and proximal environmental issues. Computers in Human Behavior, 115, [106606].
    • Breves, P. L., Amrehn, J., Heidenreich, A., Liebers, N., & Schramm, H. (2021). Blind trust? The importance and interplay of parasocial relationships and advertising disclosures in explaining influencers’ persuasive effects on their followers. International Journal of Advertising, 40, 1209-1229 . https://doi.org/10.1080/02650487.2021.1881237
    • Breves, P. L., Liebers, N., Motschenbacher, B., & Reus, L. (2021). Reducing Resistance: The Impact of Non-followers’ and Followers’ Parasocial Relationships with Social Media Influencers on Persuasive Resistance and Advertising Effectiveness. Human Communication Research, [hqab006].
    • König, L., & Breves, P. L. (2021). Providing health information via Twitter: Professional background and message style influence source trustworthiness, message credibility and behavioral intentions. JCOM, Journal of Science Communication, 20(4), [A04].


    • Breves, P. L. (2020). Bringing people closer. The pro-social effects of immersive media on users’ attitudes and behavior. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49(5), 1015-1034.
    • Breves, P. L. (2020). Reducing outgroup bias through intergroup contact with non-playable video game characters in VR. Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 27(3), 257-273.
    • Breves, P. L., & Heber, V. (2020). Into the wild: The effects of immersive nature videos on feelings of commitment to the environment. Environmental Communication, 14, 332-346.
    • Breves, P. L., Herget, A-K., & Schramm, H. (2020). Identifying opportunities to optimize the music in TV commercials: a systematic content analysis. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, 41, 88-103.
    • Herget, A-K., Breves, P. L., & Schramm, H. (2020). The influence of different levels of musical fit on the efficiency of audio-visual advertising. Musicae Scientiae.


    • Breves, P. L., & Schramm, H. (2019). Good for the feelings, bad for the memory: the impact of 3D versus 2D movies on persuasion knowledge and brand placement effectiveness. International Journal of Advertising, 38, 1264-1285.
    • Breves, P. L., Liebers, N., Abt, M., & Kunze, A. (2019). The Perceived Fit between Instagram Influencers and the Endorsed Brand: How Influencer–Brand Fit Affects Source Credibility and Persuasive Effectiveness. Journal of Advertising Research, 59, 440-454.
    • Liebers, N., Breves, P. L., Schallhorn, C., & Schramm, H. (2019). Fluency in commercial breaks: The impact of repetition and conceptual priming on brand memory, evaluation, and behavioral intentions. Journal of Promotion Management, 25, 783-798.


    • Herget, A-K., Schramm, H., & Breves, P. L. (2018). Development and Testing of an Instrument to Determine Musical Fit in Audio-Visual Advertising. Musicae Scientiae, 22, 362-376.
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