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Mr. dr. L.E. (Laura) Burgers

Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Afd. Privaatrecht
Fotograaf: Cédric Hocepied

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer:A8.25
  • Postbus 15842
    1001 NH Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Laura Burgers (1989) joined the European Centre for the Study of European Contract Law (CSECL, today known as ACT) as a PhD candidate in January 2016. The working title of her thesis is Justitia, the Peoples' Power and Mother Earth; Boundaries of democratically legitimate judicial law-making through climate change litigation in European private law. Supervisors are professor doctor C. Mak & professor doctor M. Bartl. Laura’s PhD research is embedded in Mak’s Vidi-project Judges in Utopia – Judicial law-making in European private law.

    Laura has graduated from the University of Amsterdam (Research Master in Public International Law & Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Culture). Benefiting from exchange programs, she also studied French law at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France) and international law at New York University (New York, United States of America). For her PhD research, she stayed some months a the University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway). 

    After defending her PhD thesis, Laura will stay affiliated as an assistant professor to CSECL's successor, the Amsterdam Centre for Transformative private law (ACT). Her postdoctoral research focuses on the rights of nature. Laura is an expert within the UN Network Harmony with Nature on this topic. 

    See also http://www.lauraburgers.nl (in Dutch) 

  • Publicaties



    • Burgers, L., & Staal, T. (2019). Climate Action as Positive Human Rights Obligation: The Appeals Judgment in Urgenda v The Netherlands. In J. E. Nijdam, & W. G. Werner (Eds.), Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2018: Populism and International Law (pp. 223-244). (Netherlands Yearbook of International Law; Vol. 49). Asser Press. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-6265-331-3_10 [details]



    • Burgers, L., & de Waal, T. (2017). Activisme via de rechter. Wijsgerig Perspectief op Maatschappij en Wetenschap, 57(4), 24-33. [details]


    • Nollkaemper, A., & Burgers, L. (2020). Introductory Note to The State of the Netherlands v. Urgenda (Neth. Sup. Ct.). Case note on: Sup. Ct. Neth., 20/12/19, ECLI:NL:HR:2019:2007 (The State of the Netherlands v Urgenda). International Legal Materials, 59(5), 811-848. [details]






    • Burgers, L. (invited speaker) (17-5-2019). The Climate of Law, The Climate of Law, Utrecht.
    • Burgers, L. (invited speaker) (18-1-2019). Climate Responsibilities of Buseiness, Climate responsibilities for business , Breukelen.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (18-1-2019). Justitia, the People's Power and Mother Earth. Climate obligations for enterprises in tort law., Climate responsibilities for business , Breukelen.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (30-11-2018). Presentation on tort claims against governments on climate change, Ius Commune Congres 2018, Amsterdam.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (6-11-2018). SPUI25 Debat: De Urgenda-uitspraak: rechterlijk activisme of logische stap?.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (20-4-2018). Justia, the People's Power and Mother Earth - talk about my research during lunch meeting at the institute of private law of the University of Oslo, University of Oslo.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (20-12-2017). 'Justitia, the People's Power and Mother Earth' Christmas Lecture for NGO StopEcocide, Stop Ecocide.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (15-12-2017). Talk about my research during lunch meeting research group 'Coherent Privaatrecht', Universiteit Leiden, Leiden.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (5-12-2017). talk about my research during lunch meeting research group 'hanteerbaar privaatrecht', Rijksuniversiteit van Groningen.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (17-10-2017). Democratie versus... Moeder Aarde!? - Talk at academic-cultural podium SPUI25, Academisch-cultureel podium SPUI25.
    • Burgers, L. (speaker) (15-10-2016). Meebeslissen. Over Democratie, de Aarde en de Toekomst, Brainwash Festival 2016, Amsterdam.


    • Burgers, L. (organiser) (3-6-2020 - 5-6-2020). Private Rights for Nature, Amsterdam. Organisation of three day conference on the private law dimensions of the rights of nature (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (organiser), Mak, C. (participant) & Tschötschel, R. (participant) (31-10-2019). Discussing Climate Change with Future Generations, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (participant) (6-6-2019 - 7-6-2019). Ius Commune Masterclass, Leuven (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Mak, C. (organiser), Kas, B. (organiser), van Duin, A. (organiser) & Burgers, L. (organiser) (2019). Vidi Conference - Judges in Utopia: Civil Courts as European Courts, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (participant) (15-6-2018). Climate change litigation: trends, policy implications and the way forward, Aarhus. At this event, I present my Habermasian reconstruction of the global climate change litigation trend (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (participant) (15-5-2018). International Law and Article 112 of the Norwegian Constitution on the Right to Environment, Oslo. At this event I gave two presentations, one about the differences between the Norwegian climate lawsuit and the Dutch Urgenda case, and one on the (…) (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (participant) (16-4-2018). Seminar on Political and Legal Theory, Oslo. Discussion of a paper I was working on in which I make a Habermasian reconstruction of the global climate change litigation trend (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (visiting researcher) (3-3-2018 - 27-7-2018). University of Oslo (visiting an external institution).
    • Burgers, L. (organiser), van Duin, J. M. L. (organiser) & Mak, C. (organiser) (28-9-2017 - 29-9-2017). Vidi Workshop - Judges in Utopia, Amsterdam. Theory and practice suggest that the authority of rulemaking in the European Union is shifting from the legislature to the judiciary. The courts are (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Burgers, L. (participant) (1-6-2017). LSE Law: Workshop for Young EU Lawyers, London (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Burgers, L. E. (2020). Justitia, the People's Power and Mother Earth: Democratic legitimacy of judicial law-making in European private law cases on climate change. [details]
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