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dhr. dr. J.M.J. (Jeroen) Doomernik

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance
Fotograaf: Jeroen Doomernik

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: B9.04
  • Postbus 15578
    1001 NB Amsterdam
  • Profiel

    Brief CV

    Migration and its consequences has always been at the centre of my research interests; when I studied cultural anthropology (MA in 1986), did a PhD in human geography (1986-1991), was a post-doc at the Free University in Berlin (1992-1995), worked as senior policy maker at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior (2000), was a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington D.C. (2008/2009), and presently as researcher with the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies(IMES)(1995  - present) and lecturer (2000 - present) at the Department of Political Science.


    For a great number of years I have been teaching on the policy implications of global migration - migrants looking for better opportunities or in need of international protection. One course - a research and master thesis writing project - caters for (predominantly) IR graduate students; another is a working group suitable for all social science students. For undergraduate students I teach another thesis writing project, focusing on European integration and immigration policy making. Students who like to remain in touch congregate around the Global Migration Facebook site.

    Facebook Global Migration

    Research interests

    Key words: integration policies; international migration processes; migration regulation/policies; asylum and refugees; irregular/illegal migration; human smuggling and trafficking; migration statistics; borders; border management.

    Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR)

    Some recent publications


    Articles and chapters

    ●Renée Daamen & Jeroen Doomernik (2014) Local solutions for federal problems: immigrant incorporation in Montgomery County, Maryland. Urban Geography, 35(4), pp. 550-566

    ●Jeroen Doomernik (2014) ‘Beyond Dutch Borders: A Nation in Times of Europeanization’ in Urban People/Lidé Mēsta Vol. 16(2), pp.257-271

    ·Jeroen Doomernik (2014) ‘Populist Politics in Europe’ in The State of the Transatlantic World Washngton D.C.: Transatlantic Academy, pp. 38-40

    ●Jeroen Doomernik (2013) 'The Market between Two Logics: State Policies and Migrant Smuggling' in The International Spectator, Vol. 38(3), pp.113-129

    ●Jeroen Doomernik (2013) 'Does circular migration lead to "guest worker" outcomes?' in International Migration Vol. 51(1), pp. 24-39

    ●Jeroen Doomernik (2013) “’The Others’ in the Netherlands: Shifting Notions of Us and Them since World War II’ in Ludger Pries (ed) Shifting Boundaries of Belonging and New Migration Dynamics in Europe and China Basingstoke: Palgrave/Macmillan, pp. 86-106  

    ●Jeroen Doomernik (2012) ‘Migration Controls and their perverse Consequences’ in C. van den Anker & I. van Liempt (Eds.), Human rights and migration: trafficking for forced labour (Global ethics series) (pp. 69-88). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan



    ●Jeroen Doomernik & Michael Jandl (eds) (2008) Modes of Migration Control and Regulation in Europe Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

    ●Christien van den Anker & Jeroen Doomernik (eds) (2006) Trafficking and Women’s Rights Houndmills: Palgrave



    My photo website

    The Genesis of Dutch Populist Politics

  • Publicaties


    • Glorius, B., Oesch, L., Nienaber, B., & Doomernik, J. (2019). Refugee Reception within a common European asylum system: looking at convergences and divergences through a local-to-local comparison. Erdkunde, 73(1), 19-29. https://doi.org/10.3112/erdkunde.2019.01.04 [details]



    • Doomernik, J. (2017). The Uninvited Migrant, the 'Autochtoon' and the 'Allochtoon' in the Netherlands. In F. Decimo, & A. Gribaldo (Eds.), Boundaries within: Nation, Kinship and Identity among Migrants and Minorities (pp. 37-52). (IMISCOE Research Series). Cham: Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-53331-5_3 [details]


    • Doomernik, J., & Bruquetas-Callejo, M. (2016). National immigration and integration policies in Europe since 1973. In B. Garcés-Mascareñas, & R. Penninx (Eds.), Integration Processes and Policies in Europe: Contexts, Levels and Actors (pp. 57-76). (IMISCOE research series). Cham: Springer Open. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-21674-4_4 [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Glorius, B. (2016). Refugee Migration and Local Demarcations: New Insight into European Localities . Journal of Refugee Studies, 29(4), 429-439. https://doi.org/10.1093/jrs/few041 [details]
    • Glorius, B., & Doomernik, J. (Eds.) (2016). Refugee Migration and Local Demarcations: New Insight into European Localities. Journal of Refugee Studies, 29(4), 429-629.
    • Kos, S., Maussen, M., & Doomernik, J. (2016). Policies of exclusion and practices of inclusion: how municipal governments negotiate asylum policies in the Netherlands. Territory, Politics, Governance, 4(3), 354-374. https://doi.org/10.1080/21622671.2015.1024719 [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2015). Geen tweede drama. Res Publica, 57(4), 507-512. [details]


    • Daamen, R., & Doomernik, J. (2014). Local solutions for federal problems: immigrant incorporation in Montgomery County, Maryland. Urban Geography, 35(4), 550-566. https://doi.org/10.1080/02723638.2014.909633 [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2014). Beyond Dutch borders: a nation in times of Europeanisation. Lidé Města, 16(2), 257-272. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2013). Does circular migration lead to "guest worker" outcomes? International Migration, 51(1), 24-39. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1468-2435.2012.00744.x [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2013). Migrant Smuggling between Two Logics: Migration Dynamics and State Policies. The international spectator: Italian journal of international affairs, 48(3), 113-129. https://doi.org/10.1080/03932729.2013.815027 [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2013). ’The Others’ in the Netherlands: Shifting Notions of Us and Them since World War II. In L. Pries (Ed.), Shifting boundaries of belonging and new migration dynamics in Europe and China (pp. 86-106). Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2012). Migration controls and their perverse consequences. In C. van den Anker, & I. van Liempt (Eds.), Human rights and migration: trafficking for forced labour (pp. 69-88). (Global ethics series). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2011). The winding road past consociational democracy, multicultural society and populist rhetoric: the Dutch response to labor immigration and its consequences. OMNES: The Journal of Multicultural Society, 2(2), 72-88. [details]


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    • Marijnen, S., & Doomernik, J. (2016). Baby Migration. AEMI Journal, 13-14, 133-149. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2010). Del permiso a la prisión: una exploración multidisciplinar de las interacciones entre procesos migratorios e intervención estatal. In M. E. Anguiano, & A. M. López Sala (Eds.), Migraciones y fronteras: nuevos contornos para la movilidad internacional (pp. 19-48). (Antrazyt; No. 332). Barcelona: Icaria [etc.]. [details]


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    • Doomernik, J. (2015). Van Maastricht naar Lesbos: de Europese crisis in het asielbeleid. Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken, 108(4), 20-23. [details]


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    • Doomernik, J., Kraler, A., & Reichel, D. (2010). Quantitative data on immigrants' political participation in Europe. (Working paper; No. 08). Vienna: Prominstat. [details]


    • Doomernik, J., Koslowski, R., & Thränhardt, D. (2009). The Battle for the brains: why immigration policy is not enough to attract the highly skilled. (Brussels Forum Paper Series). Washington: The German Marshall Fund of the United States. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., Koslowski, R., Laurence, J., Maxwell, R., Michalowski, I., & Thränhardt, D. (2009). No shortcuts: selective immigration and integration. Washington: Transatlantic Academy. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2008). Overview of the Dutch asylum and immigration system : Dutch methods of regulating migration. (Migration Watch UK briefing paper; No. 10.19). Guildford: Migration Watch UK. [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2008). The Netherlands: An assistance system for labour migrant in The Netherlands? The possible emulation of the Czech programme to reduce irregular employment of Ukrainian nationals: Statements and comments. Vienna: ÖSB/IES/BICEPS. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Cillessen, E. (2008). Rapportage Turkse dienstplicht en integratie. Amsterdam: IMES. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2013-2018). Dutch Association for Migration Research.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2009). Senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, Transatlantic Academy, Washington DC.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2008). Chair of UNICA’s working group on equal opportunities in higher education, UNICA.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2008). Member of the Demografieplatform of the Central Bureau of Statistics, CBS.


    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (14-02-2019). In Engeland ligt het geld op straat, zo dromen de Albanezen [Print] Trouw. In Engeland ligt het geld op straat, zo dromen de Albanezen.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (06-07-2018). ‘Feiten zijn alleen welkom wanneer ze goed uitkomen’ [Web] OneWorld: Movement. ‘Feiten zijn alleen welkom wanneer ze goed uitkomen’.
    • Doomernik, J. (29-11-2017). EU-Afrika Top [Radio] BNR Radio. EU-Afrika top.
    • Doomernik, J. (28-12-2016). Het jaar van Frank Lammers [Radio]. Het jaar van Frank Lammers.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (28-08-2016). Moderne Slavernij [Radio] Reporter Radio (NPO1). Moderne Slavernij.
    • Doomernik, J. (20-04-2016). „WELTjournal“ über "Integration – Europas größte Herausforderung" [Television] ORF. „WELTjournal“ über "Integration – Europas größte Herausforderung".
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (07-03-2016). Vluchtelingen en NK Treinreizen [Radio] BNR Radio. Vluchtelingen en NK Treinreizen.
    • Doomernik, J. (24-03-2015). VVD Plan is zuiver populisme [Print] Volkskrant. VVD Plan is zuiver populisme.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (08-12-2013). De andere wereld [Radio] IKON Radio 5. De andere wereld.


    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). Ethnic and Racial Studies (Journal).
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). The International Migration Review (Journal).
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). International Migration (Journal).


    • Doomernik, J. (speaker) (10-12-2017). Waarom Europa's buitengrenzen dodelijk zijn geworden., Uitreiking Clara Meijer-Wichmann Penning 2017, Amsterdam.
    • Doomernik, J. (speaker) (22-4-2016). From Maastricht to Idomeni. Why it is wrong to speak of a refugee crisis., Europäische Kulturtage Karlsruhe 2016, Karlsruhe, Germany.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (10-10-2015). Refugees. The ins and outs., Studium Generale, Wageningen University.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (20-11-2012). The battle for the brains: Why immigration policy is not enough to attract the highly skilled, Demografiedag Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie, Utrecht.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (30-3-2011). De theorie: Determinanten van arbeidsmigratie, NIDI-NVD-CBS seminar, Den Haag.


    • Klarenbeek, L. (organiser), Welfens, N. P. M. R. (organiser), Bonjour, S. A. (organiser) & Doomernik, J. M. J. (participant) (27-10-2017). DAMR Fall Meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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