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Dr. J.M.J. (Jeroen) Doomernik

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance
Fotograaf: Jeroen Doomernik

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: B9.04
  • Postbus 15578
    1001 NB Amsterdam
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    About me

    Migration and its consequences has always been at the centre of my research interests; when I studied cultural anthropology (MA in 1986), did a PhD in human geography (1986-1991), was a post-doc (funded by the Dutch Research Council, NWO) at the Free University in Berlin (1992-1995), worked as senior policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior (2000), was a fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington D.C. (2008/2009), and presently as senior researcher with the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies(IMES)(1995  - present) and associate professor at the Department of Political Science.

    Research interests

    • Integration policies
    • International migration processes
    • Migration regulation/policies
    • Asylum and refugees
    • Irregular/illegal migration
    • Human smuggling and trafficking
    • Migration statistics
    • Borders
    • Border management
    Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR) The Genesis of Dutch Populist Politics
  • Teaching

    For a great number of years I have been teaching on the policy implications of global migration - migrants looking for better opportunities or in need of international protection. One course - a research and master thesis writing project - caters for (predominantly) IR graduate students; another is a working group suitable for all social science students. For undergraduate students I teach another thesis writing project, focusing on European integration and immigration policy making. Students who like to remain in touch congregate around the Global Migration Facebook site.

    Facebook Global Migration
  • Publicaties


    • Doomernik, J. (2021). Zwischen nationalem und europäischem Interesse: Die Entstehung europäischer Asylpolitik. In H. Theißen , & K. H. Boysen (Eds.), Integration und Konversion : Taufen muslimischer Flüchtlinge als Herausforderung für Kirchen und Gesellschaft (pp. 366-377). Ferdinand Schöningh. https://doi.org/10.30965/9783657704712_018 [details]





    • Doomernik, J. (2017). The Uninvited Migrant, the 'Autochtoon' and the 'Allochtoon' in the Netherlands. In F. Decimo, & A. Gribaldo (Eds.), Boundaries within: Nation, Kinship and Identity among Migrants and Minorities (pp. 37-52). (IMISCOE Research Series). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-53331-5_3 [details]



    • Doomernik, J. (2015). Geen tweede drama. Res Publica, 57(4), 507-512. [details]


    • Daamen, R., & Doomernik, J. (2014). Local solutions for federal problems: immigrant incorporation in Montgomery County, Maryland. Urban Geography, 35(4), 550-566. https://doi.org/10.1080/02723638.2014.909633 [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2014). Beyond Dutch borders: a nation in times of Europeanisation. Lidé Města, 16(2), 257-272. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2013). Does circular migration lead to "guest worker" outcomes? International Migration, 51(1), 24-39. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1468-2435.2012.00744.x [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2013). Migrant Smuggling between Two Logics: Migration Dynamics and State Policies. The international spectator: Italian journal of international affairs, 48(3), 113-129. https://doi.org/10.1080/03932729.2013.815027 [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2013). ’The Others’ in the Netherlands: Shifting Notions of Us and Them since World War II. In L. Pries (Ed.), Shifting boundaries of belonging and new migration dynamics in Europe and China (pp. 86-106). Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2012). Migration controls and their perverse consequences. In C. van den Anker, & I. van Liempt (Eds.), Human rights and migration: trafficking for forced labour (pp. 69-88). (Global ethics series). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2011). The winding road past consociational democracy, multicultural society and populist rhetoric: the Dutch response to labor immigration and its consequences. OMNES: The Journal of Multicultural Society, 2(2), 72-88. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2008). Immigration in the Netherlands: 1945 to present. In P. Poddar, & R. S. Patke (Eds.), A historical companion to postcolonial literatures: continental Europe and its empires (pp. 361-364). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2008). Report from the Netherlands. In J. Doomernik, & M. Jandl (Eds.), Modes of migration regulation and control in Europe (pp. 129-145). (IMISCOE Reports). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Jandl, M. (2008). Conclusions. In J. Doomernik, & M. Jandl (Eds.), Modes of migration regulation and control in Europe (pp. 203-212). (IMISCOE Reports). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Jandl, M. (2008). Introduction. In J. Doomernik, & M. Jandl (Eds.), Modes of migration regulation and control in Europe (pp. 19-26). (IMISCOE Reports). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]




    • Doomernik, J. (2010). Del permiso a la prisión: una exploración multidisciplinar de las interacciones entre procesos migratorios e intervención estatal. In M. E. Anguiano, & A. M. López Sala (Eds.), Migraciones y fronteras: nuevos contornos para la movilidad internacional (pp. 19-48). (Antrazyt; No. 332). Barcelona: Icaria [etc.]. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2008). Migration and integration in the Netherlands. In A. Hug, & B. Wandeler (Eds.), Werkstattheft Integration in europäischen Metropolen (pp. 9-13). (Werkstattheft). Luzern: Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Jandl, M. (2008). Modes of migration regulation and control in Europe. (IMISCOE Reports). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details]



    • Gomes, V., & Doomernik, J. (2019). Report containing the detailed models for a sustainable CEAS. (CEASEVAL - Research on the Common European Asylum System; No. 40). Chemnitz: Technische Universität Chemnitz. [details]
    • Gomes, V., & Doomernik, J. (2019). Report on a variety of ideal-typical Common European Asylum Systems. (CEASEVAL - Research on the common European asylum system; No. 38). Chemnitz: Technische Universität Chemnitz. [details]
    • Gomes, V., Doomernik, J., & Ardon, D. (2019). Report on the importance of the local level as a venue and political base for the CEAS. (CEASEVAL - Research on the Common European Asylum System; No. 39). Chemnitz: Technische Universität Chemnitz. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2015). De Europese crisis in het asielbeleid: Van Maastricht naar Lesbos. Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken, 2015(4), 20-23. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2014). Populist Politics in Europe. In S. F. Szabo (Ed.), The state of the transatlantic world (pp. 38-40). Washington D.C.: Transatlantic Academy. [details]


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    • Doomernik, J., Koslowski, R., & Thränhardt, D. (2009). The Battle for the brains: why immigration policy is not enough to attract the highly skilled. (Brussels Forum Paper Series). Washington: The German Marshall Fund of the United States. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., Koslowski, R., Laurence, J., Maxwell, R., Michalowski, I., & Thränhardt, D. (2009). No shortcuts: selective immigration and integration. Washington: Transatlantic Academy. [details]


    • Doomernik, J. (2008). Overview of the Dutch asylum and immigration system : Dutch methods of regulating migration. (Migration Watch UK briefing paper; No. 10.19). Guildford: Migration Watch UK. [details]
    • Doomernik, J. (2008). The Netherlands: An assistance system for labour migrant in The Netherlands? The possible emulation of the Czech programme to reduce irregular employment of Ukrainian nationals: Statements and comments. Vienna: ÖSB/IES/BICEPS. [details]
    • Doomernik, J., & Cillessen, E. (2008). Rapportage Turkse dienstplicht en integratie. Amsterdam: IMES. [details]

    Lidmaatschap / relevante positie

    • Doomernik, J. (2013-2018). Dutch Association for Migration Research.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2009). Senior fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, Transatlantic Academy, Washington DC.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2008). Chair of UNICA’s working group on equal opportunities in higher education, UNICA.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (2008). Member of the Demografieplatform of the Central Bureau of Statistics, CBS.



    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). Ethnic and Racial Studies (Journal).
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). The International Migration Review (Journal).
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (editor) (2010). International Migration (Journal).


    • Doomernik, J. (speaker) (10-12-2017). Waarom Europa's buitengrenzen dodelijk zijn geworden., Uitreiking Clara Meijer-Wichmann Penning 2017, Amsterdam.
    • Doomernik, J. (speaker) (22-4-2016). From Maastricht to Idomeni. Why it is wrong to speak of a refugee crisis., Europäische Kulturtage Karlsruhe 2016, Karlsruhe.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (10-10-2015). Refugees. The ins and outs., Studium Generale, Wageningen University.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (20-11-2012). The battle for the brains: Why immigration policy is not enough to attract the highly skilled, Demografiedag Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie, Utrecht.
    • Doomernik, J. M. J. (invited speaker) (30-3-2011). De theorie: Determinanten van arbeidsmigratie, NIDI-NVD-CBS seminar, Den Haag.


    • Klarenbeek, L. (organiser), Welfens, N. P. M. R. (organiser), Bonjour, S. A. (organiser) & Doomernik, J. M. J. (participant) (27-10-2017). DAMR Fall Meeting, Amsterdam (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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