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Dr. M.J.M. (Thea) Dukes

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
WP Groep: Docenten GPIO/ISW

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: B4.20
  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Short Biography

    I am lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Social Science (ASW) bachelor programme. In this undergraduate programme, I (co-)develop, teach, and coordinate various courses on the cutting edge of disciplines, both as a part of ASW and the URBAN studies minor, such as: Perspectives on Amsterdam; Age, City & Work; Contemporary Debates on Cities (forthcoming) and Stad & Ruimte (forthcoming). I am a member of the Urban Geographies programme group within the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies (GPIO) at the University of Amsterdam. 

    In addition, I am Academic Director of an interdisciplinary Summer School Programme that I developed last summer, entitled: Amsterdam Sensescapes 1800-2018: Space, Sense & Strategy. Its design is rooted in different disciplines (Human Geography, Experimental Psychology, Sociology and History) and combines personal observation and “experimental” city methods, applied to a single case (the city of Amsterdam). 

    in terms of (inter-)disciplinary education, I have a background in both Psychology (Free University of Amsterdam, MA, 1988) and Human Geography (University of Minnesota, MA, 1999). After I joined the University of Amsterdam in 2000, I have participated in many (inter)national urban research projects , while working on a PhD thesis (University of Amsterdam, 2007). These projects usually focused on comparing city policy and city dynamics, and were run by various (inter)national networks of both social scientists of urban research and non-academic partners. 


    Summer School Programme Amsterdam Sensescapes 1800-2018, Participants & Academic Director

    Research interests

    My main research interests lie within the field of Urban and Political geography. Over time, these interests have ranged from European and Dutch (area-based) urban policy (URBAN, Grotestedenbeleid, urban restructuring), urban and multi-level governance, the 'Europeanization' of Dutch cities and urban policy discourses, to diversity, identity, social cohesion and the sense of belonging, 

    My present research interest is more interdisciplinary in character, still focusing on the urban, but now combining insights from various disciplines like Human Geography, Psychology and Sociology. Topics relate to, for example, sense of place, the multisensory City, the 'planned' & the 'lived' city and urban sensescapes.

    Research Projects

    • NICIS: Veranderende huishoudens en 'functies' van woonmilieus.
    • Social Polis: Social Platform on Cities and Social Cohesion.
    • URBACT project ' The URBAN experience, as seen by the researchers'.
    • Shaping Urban Problems and Sustainable Solutions: Discourses in European Urban Policy, a project within the context of the Dutch Habiforum InnovatieNetwerk Groene Ruimte en Agrocluster.
    • Urban Development Programmes, Urban Governance, Social Inclusion and Sustainability (UGIS). 
    • Identifying Models of Good Practice in Refugee Dispersal and Concentration.
    NICIS: Veranderende huishoudens en 'functies' van woonmilieus Social Polis Social Polis - Focused Research Agenda

    Education and Career

    • 1988: M.A. in Psychology (Labour and Organization), VU Amsterdam 
    • 1992: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency
    • 1989 - 1990: Researcher at RSOB in Amsterdam (labour market research)
    • 1990 - 1996: Management Development officer/personnel advisor at Hoechst Holland N.V.
    • 1999: M.A. in Human Geography, University of Minnesota, USA
    • 2000 - 2009: Researcher at AMIDSt
    • 2007: PhD in Human Geography, University of Amsterdam
    • 2010 - 2017 present: Assistant Professor (GPIO, AISSR)
    • 2018: Lecturer
  • Academic and Professional publications

    Academic and Professional publications

    • Dukes, T. (2016), URBAN Bijlmermeer: How a European programme became the catalyst for a ‘black revolution’ in Amsterdam Southeast. In A. van Wageningen & V. Mamadouh (eds.), Urban Europe, Fifty Tales of the City. Amsterdam: AUP, pp. 377-384.
    • Musterd, S., A. Teernstra, W. van Gent and T. Dukes (2015), De Buurt als Jas: Veranderende huishoudens, dynamische buurten en de functie van woonmilieus. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
    • Dukes, T. (2015), Urban Bijlmermeer: hoe een Europees programma de inzet werd van een ‘zwarte revolutie’. In V. Mamadouh and A. van Wageningen (eds.), EU@Amsterdam, een stedelijke raad. Essays over de Europese stad. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, p. 379-386.
    • Dukes, T. (2014), Amsterdam ‘Slimme wereldstad’. Rooilijn, (47), no.2, pp. 88-95.
    • Dukes, T. and Van der Wusten, H. (2014), Hesitant Europeanisation: two decades of practice in two city governments.TESG, Outlook on Europe, 105 (5), pp. 630-635. https://doi.org/10.1111/tesg.12082
    • Dukes, T. (2013) Hoe plan je de geleefde stad? In Nova Terra. Nirov Nova Terra.
    • Dukes, T. (2013) Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren. Deelrapportage Amsterdam. NICIS project. University of Amsterdam.
    • Dukes, T. & S. Musterd (2012) Towards Social Cohesion: Bridging National Integration Rhetoric and Local Practice: The Case of the Netherlands. In  Urban Studies 49(9), pp. 1981-1997.
    • Dukes, T. (2012) Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren. Deelrapportage Den Haag. NICIS project. University of Amsterdam report.
    • Dukes, T. (2012) Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren. Deelrapportage Tilburg. NICIS project. University of Amsterdam report
    • Dukes, T. (2011) Indische Buurt Amsterdam: oude buurt, nieuw elan. #kijkSW (1st issue of CSW journal), University of Amsterdam.
    • Dukes, T. (2010) 'The "European turn" of Amsterdam and The Hague: urban Europeanization in practice,' in A. Hamedinger & A. Wolffhardt (eds.) The Europeanisation of cities. Amsterdam: Techne Press, pp. 43-58.
    • Dukes, T. (2010) 'The role of local contexts: explaining the policy process of the URBAN programmes in Amsterdam and The Hague '. Urban Research and Practice 3 (2), pp. 159-176. Routledge.
    • Dukes, T. (2010) Campus Roeterseiland: Bruggen slechten en bruggen slaan. GPIO Afdelingsbrief (September issue).
    • Dukes, T. (2010) Tilburg: wonen in de 'stad in balans'. GPIO Nieuwskrant , no. 18.
    • Dukes, T. (2010) De mythe van de 'Zwarte revolutie in de Bijlmermeer'. Infobulletin Groot Geerdinkhof, February issue, pp. 24-25.
    • Dukes, T. (2009) 'Stadsburgerschap als nieuw ideaal?', in  Rooilijn 6,pp. 382-389.
    • Dukes, T. (2009) 'Beelden van thuis: de 'Heimat' in film.' GPIO nieuwskrant (September issue). 
    • Dukes, T. (2008) 'Verbeelding van destad en stedelijke discoursen.' GPIO Nieuwskrant (14), p.5.
    • Dukes, T. (2008) The URBAN programme and the European urban policy discourse: successful instruments to Europeanize the urban level? GeoJournal 72, pp. 105-119. 
    • Dukes, T. (2007), Place, Positioning and European Urban Policy Discourse: Examples of Politics of Scale in ' Brussels ' and the Netherlands. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. PhD thesis. http://dare.uva.nl/document/39994.
    • Dukes, T. (2006), 'De 'Zwarte Bijlmermeer'. In Agora (3). 
    • Dukes, T. (2006), 'Who rules the area? Place and Positioning in European Urban Policy Discourse', in M. van den Brink & T. Metze (eds.) Words matter in policy and planning: Discourse theory and method in the social sciences . Utrecht: Netherlands Geographical Studies, pp. 103-115. 
    • Tosics, I. and T. Dukes (2005), Urban Development Programmes in the context of public administration and urban policy,' in TESG (19), pp. 390-408.  
    • Dukes, T. (2005), 'Europees grotestedenbeleid,' in Rooilijn (9), pp. 444-449. 
    • Dukes, T. (2004), 'Polarisatie in perspectief,' in Rooilijn (2), pp. 57-63. 
    • Arnoldus, M., Dukes, T., and Musterd, S. (2003) 'Dispersal Policiesin the Netherlands ,' in Spreading the 'burden'? A Review of Policies to Disperse Asylum Seekers and Refugees eds.Robinson, V., Andersson, R. and Musterd, S., Bristol, Policy Press.
    • Dukes, T. (2003), bookreview of 'The Governance of Place: Space and PlanningProcesses' (A. Madanipour, A.Hull & P. Healey (eds.), in Housing Studies , 18 (5), pp. 781-783. 
    • Dukes, T. (2002), Urban Development Programmes in Amsterdam : a preliminary assessment. Amsterdam : AME. Dukes, T. (2002), 'URBAN: Katalysator voor lokale participatie?', in Rooilijn , 6, pp. 293-296. 
    • Dukes T., Aalbers, M., Samantha Volgers & Jessica Wagenaar (2002), 'De Bijlmer vernieuwt!', in Rooilijn, 6, pp. 264-265.
    • Burgers,J., Dukes,T., Hoes, J., Musterd, S., Staring R. andR. van Kempen(2001), The Netherlands : The Cities ofAmsterdam ,Rotterdamand The Hague (UGIS-report 1)
    • Beaumont, J., Van Kempen, R., Musterd, S., Dekker, K., Staring, R., Dukes, T. and J. Burgers (2001), The Seesaw of Urban Policy in the Netherlands (UGIS - article).
  • Teaching

    Teaching experience

    • In summer 2019, I will extend the UvA Summer School Programme, as described below, and will offer it under a new name: ‘Urban Studies: Sense,  Space & Strategy’ (3 weeks, 6EC). [http://summerschool.uva.nl/content/summer-courses/urban-studies-sense-space-and-strategy/amsterdam-sensescapes.html].
    • In summer 2018, I have developed a new UvA Summer School Programme, entitled: ‘Amsterdam Sensescapes 1800-2018: Space, Sense & Strategy’ (2 weeks, 4 EC) on the cutting edge of Experimental Psychology and Human Geography. In this course international students explore and experience the city of Amsterdam, focusing on its (historic and contemporary) sensescapes, based on personal observations as well as on ‘unusual’ research methods.
    •  From January 2010 (– present), I have acted as coordinator, developer and teacher in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences programme, BA  (ASW), in the following Dutch and English courses: Verkenning van In- en Uitsluiting; Methoden & Technieken; Perspectives on Amsterdam; Age, City & Work; Bachelorthesis Urban Studies domain; Contemporary Debates: Cities (new, forthcoming, sem. 2); Stad &  Ruimte (reviewed, forthcoming, semester 2).
    • In 2005 I have coached Bachelor Students in writing their undergraduate thesis. Theme: Creativity, Knowledge and Place (GPIO, semester 2).
  • Nevenactiviteiten


      Organisatie van workshops/conferenties:

    • Organizer/Chair of Double Session ‘Senses & City Life’ at the International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies (Groningen, RUG, July 2013)
    • Co-organizer/Co-Chair of Double Session ‘Scales of Citizenship’ at the Annual RC 21 Conference (Amsterdam, July 2011)
    • Member of the Executive Board of the Annual RC 21 Conference 2011: The Struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings.

    • Co-Organiser (with Virginie Mamadouh and Inge van der Welle) of workshop session: ‘Urban Citizenship, Place and Scale’ at the 2010 International Metropolis Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands (October, 2010). 
    • Co-organizer/co-chair of the International Workshop: ‘Area-based urban programmes and new local governance’ at the International Conference Urban conditions and life chances, at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (6-8 July, 2006).


    Lectures/Presentati0n of conference papers:

    • ‘Bulgaria and Rumania in the European Union: a blessing or a Trojan Horse?’, paper accepted for the special session on ‘Governing Urban Diversity: New Challenges for urban policy’ (AAG, Tampa, Florida, April 8-12, 2014, forthcoming).

    • Lecture, entitled ‘Omstreden stedelijkheid’ (Contested Urbanism), for the UvA Alumni organisation, Kring Geografie en planologie on November 9, 2013.
    • ‘De geplande stad en de geleefde stad: een wereld van verschil’, Paper presented at Nicis Seminar Kennis voor Krachtige Buurten, Utrecht, September 2012.
    • ‘Veranderende huishoudens en functies van woonmilieus’, contribution to a workshop at the conference of the Corpovenista Platform, Rotterdam, June 2012.

    • ‘Veranderende huishoudens en functies van woonmilieus’, contribution to a workshop at the Fall conference of the Corpovenista Platform, Amsterdam, November 2011.

    • ‘Diversity, Identity and Social Cohesion: Urban citizenship as a new ideal?’, Paper presented in the ‘Geographies of Exclusion in Europe’ session at the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) in Washington DC, USA.
    • 'Urban Citizenship, Place and Scale: an introduction to the workshop,’ 2010 International Metropolis Conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, October 2010.
    • ‘Exploring Visions on urban Renewal in Tilburg’, Paper presented at the NICIS seminar Neighbourhood Dynamics and Social Mobility, Amsterdam, June, 2010.
    • 'Stedelijke herstructurering en wijkenaanpak: Beleidsvisies in Amsterdam en Tilburg', contribution to the workshop Dynamische wijken veranderende huishoudens: verhuizen in de herwaardering, at the Conferentie Platform Corpevenista, entitled: DE WIJK: DENKEN, DOEN EN DOORZETTEN, Utrecht, June 22nd, 2010.
    • Lecture, entitled: ‘Beelden van thuis: de ‘Heimat’ in film’. It was given at an evening organised by GPIO & CREA (Amsterdam, October 19, 2009).


  • Publicaties


    • Dukes, T. (2015). Urban Bijlmermeer: hoe een Europees programma de inzet werd van een 'zwarte revolutie' in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. In V. Mamadouh, & A. van Wageningen (Eds.), EU@Amsterdam: een stedelijke raad (pp. 379-386). Amsterdam: AUP. [details]


    • Dukes, T., & van der Wusten, H. (2014). Hesitant Europeanisation: two decades of practice in two city governments. Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 105(5), 630-635. https://doi.org/10.1111/tesg.12082 [details]



    • Dukes, T. (2010). The 'European turn' of Amsterdam and The Hague: urban Europeanization in practice. In A. Hamedinger, & A. Wolffhardt (Eds.), The Europeanization of cities: policies, urban change & urban networks (pp. 43-58). Amsterdam: Techne Press. [details]
    • Dukes, T. (2010). The role of local contexts: explaining the policy process of the URBAN programmes in Amsterdam and The Hague. Urban Research & Practice, 3(2), 159-176. https://doi.org/10.1080/17535069.2010.481375 [details]



    • Musterd, S., Teernstra, A., van Gent, W., & Dukes, T. (2015). De buurt als jas: dynamische huishoudens in de veranderlijke stad. Amsterdam University Press. [details]


    • Dukes, T. (2014). Amsterdam slimme wereldstad. Rooilijn, 47(2), 88-95. [details]


    • Dukes, T. (2013). NICIS project: Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren: deelrapportage Amsterdam. (55). Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details]
    • Dukes, T. (2013). Hoe plan je de geleefde stad? Nova Terra, special(juni 2013), 27-31. [details]


    • Dukes, T. (2012). NICIS project: Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren: deelrapportage Den Haag. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details]
    • Dukes, T. (2012). NICIS project: Visies op stedelijke herstructurering en verschillen naar actoren: eindrapportage Tilburg. Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam. [details]


    • Dukes, T. (2011). Indische Buurt Amsterdam: oude buurt, nieuw elan. #kijkSW, 1, 4-6. [details]


    • Dukes, T. (2009). Stadsburgerschap als nieuw ideaal? Rooilijn, 42(6), 382-389. [details]
    • Dukes, T. (2009). Verbeelding van thuis: de 'Heimat' in film. Nieuwskrant, 16, 8. [details]
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