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Dr. Y.M. (Yo) van Ede

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Globalising Culture and the Quest for Belonging
Fotograaf: onbekend

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: B5.21
  • Postbus 15509
    1001 NA Amsterdam
  • Profile

    Career Details

    After years of experience in dance and theatre, Yolanda van Ede studied anthropology at the UvA and received her PhD in 1999 on her dissertation on a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery in Nepal. She became assistant professor in 2001 at her alma mater. In 2006 she returned to her initial field of interest, dance and performance, combined with another research topic: sensuous anthropology.

    Current courses and fields of interests : qualitative methodology BA and MA, philosophy of science, dance and performance, gender and passion, sensuous ethnography and sensory analysis, ways of learning and transmission, cultural adaptation in global processes, skill and embodiment, and creative writing.

    Current research project: Flamenco Dance and Gender in Japan; Kinaesthesia, Passion and Flow.

    Research project in preparation: Social dance, Gender and Passion in Manila, the Philipines.

    Etnofoor BAHAR

    House of Birds

    Photographs of Tashi Gomba in Bigu (Nepal), of nuns, lamas, and lay people.

  • Publicaties



    • van Ede, Y. (2009). Bezinning: over zin en zingeving en de antropologie van de zintuigen. In T. Sunier (Ed.), Antropologie in een zee van verhalen (pp. 89-109). (Antropologie academie; No. 8). Amsterdam: Aksant. [details]
    • van Ede, Y. (2009). Sensuous anthropology: sense and sensibility and the rehabilitation of skill. Anthropological Notebooks, 15(2), 61-75. [details]


    • van Ede, Y. (2012). Sounding moves: flamenco, gender, and meaning in Tokyo. In E. I. Dunin, D. Stavělová, & D. Gremlicová (Eds.), Dance, gender and meanings: contemporizing traditional dance: proceedings of the 26th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology 2010: Třešť, Czech Republic (pp. 73-81). Prague: Academy of Performing Arts and the Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences. [details]


    • van Ede, Y. (2010). Differing roads to grace: Spanish and Japanese sensory approaches to dance. In A. Chaniotis, S. Leopold, H. Schulze, E. Venbrux, T. Quartier, J. Wojtkowiak, J. Weinhold, ... G. Samuel (Eds.), Ritual dynamics and the science of ritual. - Vol. 2: Body, performance, agency and experience (pp. 481-504). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. [details]


    • van Ede, Y. (2009). Cultures of writing culture: professing blurs and differences. Etnofoor, 21(1), 109-114. [details]


    • van Ede, Y. (2010). Een kloostertuin. In K. Banovic (Ed.), Jij, ik, en de tuin Utrecht: Kunstuitleen.


    • van Ede, Y. (2009). [Review of: A. McLean, A. Leibing (2007) The shadow side of fieldwork: exploring the blurred borders between ethnography and life; C. Lindholm. Culture and authenticity]. Anthropological Notebooks, XV(1), 99-100. [details]


    • van Ede, Y. M. (2011). member ACCES new centre of the emotions and the senses, ACCES new centre of the emotions and the senses.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (2011). Erasmus lecturer, Roehampton University, London, UK.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (2011). member ICTM Studygroup, ICTM Studygroup Ethnochoreology.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (2011). member BAHAR, Body, Health, and Religion. Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.


    • van Ede, Y. M. (editor) (2011). Etnofoor (Journal).
    • van Ede, Y. M. (editor) (2010). Etnofoor (Journal).
    • van Ede, Y. M. (editor) (2009). Etnofoor (Journal).


    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (25-9-2012). Displacing the body, Art/Science Interfaculty module on Intersensoriality, Art and Sensuous Anthropology, Art/Science, the Hague.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (22-9-2012). Intersensorial transmissions. Keynote on Kinaesthesia, Today’s Art manifestation, Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (3-9-2012). Stomping Ground: Gender and Localized Flamenco Dancing in Japan, Lecture series, the Center for International Studies, University of the Philippines, Diliman.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (26-7-2012). Out of Hands, Out of Feet: Japanese Flamenco from Studio to Screen, the 27th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology, Limerick, Ireland.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (22-6-2012). DI’s and their Guests: Class and Gender in Philippine Social Dancing, 4th Southeast Asian Update, Radboud University, Nijmegen..
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (7-11-2011). Dans en Beweging, Cafe Scientifique, Amsterdam.
    • van Ede, Y. M. (invited speaker) (26-5-2011). Stomping Ground: Modern Female Bodies and Flamenco in a Japanese Setting., BAHAR lecture series, Cardiff.
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