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Dr. R.P. (Rob) Hagendijk

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
Programmagroep: Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance
Fotograaf: onbekend

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Kamernummer: B9.12
  • Postbus 15578
    1001 NB Amsterdam
  • Profile


    Rob Hagendijk formally retired as associated professor from the University of Amsterdam on September 1, 2014. He continues to work as a member of the Amsterdam Institute Social Science Research and its research group on 'Transnational Configurations, Conflict and Governance.

    Since 2012 his main research interest is:

    • The politics of rare diseases and orphan drugs in Europe and beyond.

    How societies and global configuration define and deal with severe but rare diseases is changing rapidly with advances in the biosciences, ICT and transnationalization of governance. If one looks at these changes one is immediately confronted, not only with the cognitive and emotional meanings of such diseases, i.e. what experts and patients know, experience and understand about the diseases, their causes and consequences, but also with politico-economic framings of help and care, with drug development and economic liberalism, with solidarity and with issues of politics, accountability and collective and individual responsibility and mobilizations. As such it provides a vantage point to study processes and mechanisms of interactional coproduction (Jasanoff, 2004)  of science and society. And to do such such studies and to communicate its results hopefully contributes to better care and advances in the treatment of such conditions.


    Latest publication (March, 2015, now available for pre-ordering) 


    Hilgartner, S., Miller, C., and Hagendijk, R., eds., (2015), Science and Democracy: Making Knowledge and Making Power in the Biosciences and Beyond


    Professional history & background 

    Associate Professor in the Political Science Department of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. MA Sociology (1979, with honors), PhD Science and Technology Studies (1996).

    Treasurer (1992-1996) and President (1996-2000) of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST).

    Co-Founder (1989) and coordinator of teaching (1993-1998) of the Graduate School for Science, Technology and Modern Culture  (WTMC) 

    Co-Founder of the Science and Democracy Network (SDN) , 2002-, member of the SDN Governing Council. See http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/sts/about/sdn.htm

    Co-founder and Dean of the International School of Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS) at the Universiteit vanAmsterdam,1998-2008.

    Visiting scholar Harvard University 2001, 2008, Oxford University UK, 2009.

    Editor board Science, Technology and Human Values. International Scientific Board: E-Cadernos (e-journal)

    Regular reviewer for: Public Understanding of Science.Social Studies of Science, Science and Public Policy, Science, technology and Human Values.


    Collaborative research projects

    ResIST (Researching Inequality through Science and Technology), 2006-2009, coordinated by the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization at Oxford University, EU funded. See http://www.resist-research.net/ for further information.

    STAGE (Science, Technology and Governance), 2002-2005, EU funded. About public participation in processes of science, technology and innovation in fourteen European countries. See http://www.stage-research.net/


    Forty-three years of teaching experience on issues of science, technology and society, especially in the sociology and philosophy of science. Courses taught ranged from the freshman and bachelor level to advanced graduate thesis supervision and post-graduate work. At present some teaching and supervision is continued. 

    Publications, reports

    Onzekerheid troef; Het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap . Amsterdam: Van Gennep, 2011, pp 294 (met Huub Dijstelbloem). 

    'Innovation Studies and Developing Countries' (rev.) Science and Public Policy , 37 (2010) 798-801.   

    Researching Inequality through Science and Technology - ResIST . Final report RESIST project, June 2009, Oxford, 188 pp.(withPeter Healey and Tiago Santos Pereira) EU Contract CIT - CT-2006 - 029052 Available on: http://www.resist-research.net/

    'European Scientific Governance in a Global Context: Resonances, Implications and Reflections' (with Maja Horst, Alan Irwin, and Peter Healey). In: Understanding Participation Through Science and Technology , IDS Bulletin , Vol 38 No 5, November 2007. Editors: Joanna Chataway, Harro Maat and Linda Waldman.

    'Public deliberation and governance: Engaging with science and technology in contemporary Europe ,'Minerva , 2006 (44) 2, pp.167-184 (with Alan Irwin).

    'Science Shops and Civic Science after Lisbon.' In: Advancing Science and Society Interactions . Proceedingsof the 2nd international Living Knowledge Conference. Seville , 3-5 February 2005, Bonn : ISSNET, 2006.

    'Patients as Public in Ethics Debates - Interpreting the role of patient organizations in democracy.' In: Paul Atkinson and Peter Glasner (eds) New Genetics, New Identities. London : Routledge, 2006, pp. 28-43. (With Annemiek Nelis and Gerard de Vries).

    Science, Technology and Governance in Europe : Challenges of Public Engagement STAGE (HPSE-CT2001-50003) Final Report - February 2005, 4 volumes. Available: http://www.stage-research.net/STAGE/index.html

    'Public understanding of science and public participation in regulated worlds', Minerva , 2004 (1), p. 41-59.

    'Changing Conceptions and Practices of Governance in Science and Technology in Europe : A Framework for Analysis.' STAGE Discussion Paper no 2 . 2003. (with Egil Kallerud).

    Wetenschap, Constructivisme en Cultuur .(Science, Constructivism and Culture) Amsterdam , Luna Negra. 1996, 272 pp.

    'Blind Faith: Fact, Fiction and Fraud in Public Controversy over Science.' Public Understanding of Science , 1993 (2), 4, 391-417 (With Jan Meeus).

    'Political Culture and Policy Orientation in Dutch Social Science.' In: Peter Wagner et.al.(eds.) Social Sciences and Modern States . Cambridge U.P, 1990, pp. 186-190 (With Stuart Blume, Ad Prins).

    'Structuration Theory, Constructivism and Scientific Change.' In: Susan E. Cozzens, Thomas F. Gieryn (eds.) Theories of Science in Society . Bloomington : Indiana U.P., 1990, p. 43-66.


    Contact information

    Dep. of Political Science , Universiteit van Amsterdam 

    Mail address:  Postbus 15578, 1001 NB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Visiting address: Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, room B 8:17, 1066 WV Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

    email: r.p.hagendijk@uva.nl; phone: +31 6 14255260 



  • Publicaties


    • Hollak, C. E. M., Biegstraaten, M., Baumgartner, M. R., Belmatoug, N., Bembi, B., Bosch, A., Brouwers, M., Dekker, H., Dobbelaere, D., Engelen, M., Groenendijk, M. C., Lachmann, R., Langendonk, J. G., Langeveld, M., Linthorst, G., Morava, E., Poll-The, B. T., Rahman, S., Rubio-Gozalbo, M. E., ... Hagendijk, R. (2016). Position statement on the role of healthcare professionals, patient organizations and industry in European Reference Networks. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, 11, Article 7. https://doi.org/10.1186/s13023-016-0383-5 [details]


    • Hagendijk, R. (2015). Sense and sensibility: Science, society and politics as co-production. In S. Hilgartner, C. A. Miller, & R. Hagendijk (Eds.), Science and Democracy: Making Knowledge and Making Power in the Biosciences and Beyond (pp. 220-238). (Genetics and society). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9780203564370 [details]
    • Hollak, C. E. M., Biegstraaten, M., Levi, M., & Hagendijk, R. (2015). Post-authorisation assessment of orphan drugs. Lancet, 386(10007), 1940-1941. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(15)00827-2 [details]



    • de Vries, G. H., Nelis, A., & Hagendijk, R. P. (2007). Patients as Publics in Ethics Debates: Interpreting the Role of patient organisations in democracy. In P. Atkinson, P. Glasner, & H. Greenslade (Eds.), New Genetics, New Identities (pp. 28-43). London: Routledge.


    • Hagendijk, R. P., & Grin, J. (2006). Nieuwe kansen voor vernieuwend bestuur. In J. Grin, M. Hajer, & W. Versteeg (Eds.), Meervoudige Democratie - Ervaringen met vernieuwend bestuur (pp. 174-187). Aksant.
    • Hagendijk, R. P., & Irwin, A. (2006). Public deliberation and governance: Engaging with science and technology in contemporary Europe. Minerva, 44(2), 167-184. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11024-006-0012-x


    • Hilgartner, S., Miller, C. A., & Hagendijk, R. (Eds.) (2015). Science and Democracy: Making Knowledge and Making Power in the Biosciences and Beyond. (Genetics and society). Routledge. https://doi.org/10.4324/9780203564370 [details]




    • Dijstelbloem, H., & Hagendijk, R. (2011). Onzekerheid troef: het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap. Amsterdam: Van Gennep. [details]


    • Hagendijk, R. P. (2006). Science Shops and Civic Science after ‘Lisbon'. In Advancing Science and Society Interactions. Proceedings of the 2nd international Living Knowledge Conference Bonn: ISSNET.
    • Hagendijk, R. P., Nelis, A., & de Vries, G. (2006). Patients as Public in Ethics Debates - Interpreting the role of patient organizations in democracy. In P. Atkinson, & P. Glasner (Eds.), New Genetics, New Identities (pp. 28-43). Routledge.


    • Hagendijk, R. P. (1997). ' Public understanding of processes of technological and scientific change. In T. Patricio (Ed.), The Social Science Bridge Portugal. [details]
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (1997). 'Aap, Noot, Mies ...Dolly; Karin Knorr Cetina's radicaal constructivistisch wetenschapsonderzoek en de epistemische samenleving'. In B. van Heerikhuizen (Ed.), Tegenvoeters (pp. 155-173). Amsterdam. [details]


    • Hagendijk, R. P., & Helms, H. (1995). De invloed van de psychologie op andere disciplines: een kwantitatieve verkenning. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Psychologie, 50(6), 257-264. [details]



    • Hagendijk, R. P. (2014). Open Data and Health: Rare diseases, experimental policy making and the EU. (JRC Science and Policy Reports). European Commission.


    • Dijstelbloem, H., & Hagendijk, R. (2011). Wetenschappelijk gezag ter discussie. In H. Dijstelbloem, & R. Hagendijk (Eds.), Onzekerheid troef: het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap (pp. 9-26). Van Gennep. [details]
    • Hagendijk, R., & Dijstelbloem, H. (2011). Omgaan met onzekerheid in wetenschap, politiek en samenleving. In H. Dijstelbloem, & R. Hagendijk (Eds.), Onzekerheid troef: het betwiste gezag van de wetenschap (pp. 261-275). Van Gennep. [details]


    • Hagendijk, R. (2010). Innovation studies and developing countries [Review of: B.-A. Lundvall, K.J. Joseph (2009) Handbook of innovation systems and developing countries]. Science and Public Policy, 37(10), 798-801. [details]


    • Hagendijk, R. P., Healey, P., & Santos Pereira, T. (2009). Researching Inequality through Science and Technology - ResIST. (Specific Targeted Research Project. Contract CIT - CT-2006 - 029052). Oxford: FP6-2004-CITIZENS-5.



    • Hagendijk, R. P. (1999). STS and the EU's Fifth Framework Program. EASST Review, 4, 42-45.


    • Hagendijk, R. P. (editor) (2010-2011). Science, Technology, & Human Values (Journal).


    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (18-11-2014). Open Data and Health: Rare diseases, experimental policy making and the EU, Workshop 'Open Data in Health: How knowledge may generate trust’, EU Commission/JRC, Ispra/Milaan.
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (7-10-2014). The Politics of Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs, IX th Annual International Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs (ICORD), Ede.
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (30-6-2014). Rare diseases, orphan drugs and the making of Europe: An exercise in co-production, Annual Conference Science and Democracy Network, SDN, Vienna.
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (20-6-2014). Wetenschap en Beleid, Vlaams Vredesinstituut, Brussel.
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (15-4-2014). Fraud and hype: Fact and fiction in science and the public domain, Workshop 'Drawing the Line: Fraud and the Boundaries of Science', WTMC.
    • Hagendijk, R. P. (invited speaker) (20-10-2011). Political engagement with science, expertise, and democracy, Invited lecture, Coimbra, Portugal.


    • Hagendijk, R. P. (1996). Wetenschap, Constructivisme en Cultuur. Amsterdam. [details]
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