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mw. dr. J.R. (Jill) Hilditch

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Capaciteitsgroep Archeologie
Fotograaf: Eduard Lampe

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  • Profile

    About Me

    I am an Associate Professor in Archaeology at UvA, specialising in the Bronze Age Aegean and ceramic studies. I am currently PI of the VIDI project Tracing the potter's wheel: investigating technological transmission and cultural encounters in the Bronze Age Aegean (2016-2021).

    Before my appointment I was a temporary Departmental Lecturer in Aegean Prehistory at the University of Oxford (2015-16) and postdoctoral researcher in Mediterranean Archaeology at UvA (2011-15). I have also held a postdoctoral fellowship in the Aegean Material Culture Lab at the University of Toronto (2009-11) and the Williams Fellowship in Ceramic Petrography in the Fitch Laboratory of the British School at Athens, Greece (2002-05).

    I obtained my PhD in 2009 from the University of Exeter, focusing on the Middle Bronze Age potting communities of Akrotiri on Thera, and I have an MSc in Archaeomaterials from the University of Sheffield (2001). My undergraduate degree was a joint honours programme in Archaeology and Geology at the University of Bristol (2000).


    Research interests

    I am an archaeologist specialising in ceramics, with research interests stretching across the Aegean and wider East Mediterranean region. My dual training in archaeology and geology has allowed me to become a leading specialist within the field of ceramic analysis, in particular ceramic petrography. My work anchors 'scientific' data within broader approaches to material culture, in order to understand patterns of craft production and exchange in past societies, and addresses broad questions of human interaction and technological transmission across different spatial and temporal scales of analysis.


    Tracing the potter's wheel: investigating technological trajectories and cultural encounters in the Bronze Age Aegean

    VIDI project (NWO)

    This project will shed new light on the trajectories of technological innovations within the ancient Aegean, and offer alternative perspectives on how the humanities can address human-object-technology interactions within complex societies. The aim of the proposed project is to assess the appearance of the potter’s wheel as a technological innovation within two distinct chronological horizons of the Bronze Age Aegean: the later Early Bronze Age (ca.2500-2100BC) and the transition between the Middle and Late Bronze periods (ca.1800-1600BC). This approach uses the potter’s wheel as prism through which to investigate the transmission of craft knowledge during these two periods and the configuration of Aegean potting communities through time. A key project objective is to better understand the multi-scalar material, technological and social interactions that facilitated the transmission of the potter’s wheel in this region.


    Current collaborative projects

    • Ceramic fabric analysis of the Early Cycladic II settlement of Skarkos, Ios
    • Keros Island Survey and the Southeast Naxos Survey
    • Early LBA Akrotiri, Thera: the ceramic deposits from Sector Delta
    • Ayia Irini Northern Sector Project, Kea
    • Diachronic study of ceramic fabrics from Chalcolithic to Submycenaean Miletus, Turkey
    • Ceramic traditions and social practice at Bronze Age Phylakopi, Melos
  • Supervision


    I have supervision experience at (R)MA and PhD levels, focusing on ceramic-based investigations, both analytical and methodological. I am happy to consider supervision within the following themes:

    • Ceramic analysis, material culture and technology
    • Aegean archaeology, particularly Neolithic and Bronze Age periods
    • Archaeological survey, specifically material culture-related issues
    • Petrographic analysis of archaeological materials


    Current supervision:

    Dr Caroline Jeffra (UvA) - Postdoctoral researcher: Tracing the potter's wheel: investigating technological trajectories and cultural encounters in the Bronze Age Aegean



    Loes Opgenhaffen (UvA) - PhD project: Visualising the potter's wheel. Developing integrated 'digital science' approaches for identifying wheel use in pottery production




  • Publicaties


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2019). The pottery fabrics and technologies of Phases B-D. In The Middle Cycladic Pottery from Akrotiri Thera (pp. 377-470). Athens: Archaeological Society.
    • Krijnen, A. L., Waagen, J., & Hilditch, J. R. (Accepted/In press). Survey, ceramics and statistics: the potential for technological traits as chronological markers. In A. Meens, M. Nazou, & W. van de Put (Eds.), Fields, Sherds and Scholars: Recording and Interpreting Survey Ceramics Leiden: Sidestone Press.
    • Renfrew, A. C., Boyd, M. J., Legaki, I., Brodie, N., Gavalas, G., Hilditch, J. R., ... Krijnen, A. L. (Accepted/In press). The Southeast Naxos Survey: the sanctuary at Keros and terrestrial and maritime networks of the Aegean Early Bronze Age. In E. Marmaras, D. Korres, G. Dardanos, L. Palaiokrassa, K. Chryssou, S. Psarras, & G. Gavalas (Eds.), 3rd International Cycladological Conference: The Cyclades through time: Space-People, Syros.


    • Hilditch, J. (2018). An Integrated Fabric Study of the Ceramics from Dhaskalio-Kavos, Keros. In C. Renfrew, O. Philaniotou, N. Brodie, G. Gavalas, & M. J. Boyd (Eds.), The Marble Finds from Keros and the Archaeology of Ritual (pp. 445-493). (The sanctuary on Keros and the origins of Aegean ritual practice; Vol. III). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.


    • Gorogianni, E., Abell, N., & Hilditch, J. R. (2017). Aegean Fusion Cuisine: Ayia Irini, Kea as Cultural “Middle Ground". In J. Hruby, & D. Trusty (Eds.), From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practice in the Late Bronze Age Aegean (pp. 57-71). Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow.


    • Abell, N., & Hilditch, J. R. (2016). ‘Adoption and Adaptation in Production Practices: Investigating Cycladic Community Interactions through the Ceramic Record of the Second Millennium B.C.’. In E. Gorogianni, P. Pavuk, & L. Girella (Eds.), Minoanization vs. Mycenaeanization: Two sides of the same coin? (pp. 155-171). Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    • Gorogianni, E., Abell, N., & Hilditch, J. (2016). Reconsidering Technological Transmission: The Introduction of the Potter’s Wheel at Ayia Irini, Kea, Greece . American Journal of Archaeology, 120(2), 195-220. https://doi.org/10.3764/aja.120.2.0195 [details]
    • Hilditch, J. (2016). Ceramic analysis in Greece. Archaeological Reports (London), 62, 89-102. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0570608416000089 [details]
    • Hilditch, J., Pirrie, D., Knappett, C., Momigliano, N., & Rollinson, G. (2016). Taking the rough with the smooth: Using automated SEM-EDS to Integrate Coarse and Fine Ceramic Assemblages in the Bronze Age Aegean. In E. Sibbesson, B. Jervis, & S. Coxon (Eds.), Insights from Innovation: New Light on Archaeological Ceramics: Papers presented in honour of Professor David Peacock's contributions to archaeological ceramic studies (pp. 74-96). Southampton: Highfield Press. [details]


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2015). Milesian imports and exchange networks in the southern Aegean. In O. Kouka, I. Kaiser, & P. Diamantopoulos (Eds.), Ein Minoer Im Exil: Festschrift in honour of Prof. Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier (pp. 151-160)
    • Hilditch, J. R. (2015). The Fabrics of the Ceramics at Kavos. In A. C. Renfrew, O. Philaniotou, N. Brodie, G. Gavalas, & M. J. Boyd (Eds.), Kavos and the Special Deposits. The sanctuary at Kavos and the Special Deposits - Vol II (pp. 215-233). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.
    • Knappett, C. J., & Hilditch, J. R. (2015). Colonial cups? The Minoan plain handleless cup as iconic inter-regional object. In C. Glatz (Ed.), Pots, Palaces and Politics: The Evolution and Socio-Political Significance of Plain Ware Traditions in the 2nd Millennium BC Near East and East Mediterranean (pp. 91-113). Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2014). Analyzing technological standardization: revisiting the Minoan conical cup. In A. Kotsonas (Ed.), Mediterranean ceramics: standardization, variation and people’s choices (late 2nd to late 1st millennium BC) (pp. 21-33). (Babesch Supplement). Leuven: Peeters.


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2013). The Fabrics of the Ceramics at Dhaskalio. In A. C. Renfrew, N. Brodie, G. Gavalas, & M. J. Boyd (Eds.), Dhaskalio. The sanctuary at Keros: excavations at Dhaskalio-Kavos, Keros 2006 – 2008 (pp. 465-482). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2012). “Aghios Kosmas”; “Ayia Irini”; “Chalandriani”; “Keros”; “Manika”; “Poliochni”; In R. Bagnall, K. Broderson, C. Champion, A. Erskine, & S. Huebner (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, an online resource Wiley-Blackwell.
    • Hilditch, J., Knappett, C. J., Power, M., & Pirrie, D. (2012). Iasos Pottery Fabrics and Technologies. In N. Momigliano (Ed.), Bronze Age Carian Iasos: Structures and finds from the area of the Roman Agora (c. 3000-1500 BC) (pp. 58-106). (Archeologica; No. 166). Roma: Giorgio Bretscheider Editore. [details]


    • Knappett, C., Pirrie, D., Power, M. R., Nikolakopoulou, I., Hilditch, J., & Rollinson, G. K. (2011). Mineralogical analysis and provenancing of ancient ceramics using automated SEM-EDS analysis (QEMSCAN®): a pilot study on LB I pottery from Akrotiri, Thera. Journal of Archaeological Science, 38(2), 219-232. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2010.08.022 [details]


    • Hilditch, J. R., Kiriatzi, E., Psaraki, K., & Aravantinos, V. (2008). EHII Pottery from Thebes: An Integrated Typological, Technological and Provenance Study. In Y. Facorellis (Ed.), Archaeometry Studies in the Aegean: Reviews and Recent Developments: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry (pp. 263-268). Oxford: Archaeopress.


    • Hilditch, J. R. (2007). Petrographic analysis of the ceramic fabrics. In C. Renfrew, C. Doumas, L. Marangou, & G. Gavalas (Eds.), Keros, Dhaskalio Kavos: The Investigations of 1987-1988, KEROS I (pp. 238-263). Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.


    • Hilditch, J., Revello-Lami, M., Beestman-Kruijshaar, C., Ruckl, S., & Ximeri, S. (Accepted/In press). Island, Mainland, Coastland and Hinterland: ceramic perspectives on connectivity in the ancient Mediterranean. Proceedings of the conference held at the University of AMsterdam, Feb1-3 2013. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.



    • Hilditch, J. R., & Jeffra, C. D. (2018). As the world turns: technological approaches to assessing ceramic production within and beyond the palaces in the LB Aegean. Paper presented at 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn, Germany.
    • Opgenhaffen, L., Jeffra, C. D., & Hilditch, J. R. (2018). Power to the people: 3D archives for exploring ancient ceramic technology. Paper presented at Centre for Digital Heritage meeting 2018, Lund, Sweden.


    • Hilditch, J. (2016). NWO-VIDI.


    • Hilditch, J. (organiser) & Molloy, B. (organiser) (9-2017). European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) 23rd Annual Meeting, Maastricht, Netherlands. Session #340 - Hidden Stories: 3D techniques as tools for exploring archaeological assemblages (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
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