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Dr. M.X. (Marianne) Seijo PhD

Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

  • Science Park 904
  • Postbus 94240
    1090 GE Amsterdam
  • Publicaties


    • Hul, G., Seijo, M., Fabrice, C., Cornelis, G., & Stoll, S. (2021). Effect of deposition, detachment and aggregation processes on nanoparticle transport in porous media using Monte Carlo simulations. Environmental Science: Nano, 8(8), 2223-2234. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1039/D1EN00034A


    • Praetorius, A., Badetti, E., Brunelli, A., Clavier, A., Gallego-Urrea, J. A., Gondikas, A., Hasselloev, M., Hofmann, T., Mackevica, A., Marcomini, A., Peijnenburg, W., Quik, J. T. K., Seijo, M., Stoll, S., Tepe, N., Walch, H., & von der Kammer, F. (2020). Strategies for determining heteroaggregation attachment efficiencies of engineered nanoparticles in aquatic environments. Environmental Science: Nano, 7(2), 351-367. https://doi.org/10.1039/c9en01016e


    • Hadadi , N., MohammadiPeyhan , H., Muskovic, L., Seijo, M. X., & Hatzimanikatis, V. (2019). Enzyme annotation for orphan and novel reactions using knowledge of substrate reactive sites. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116(15), 7298-7307. https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1818877116


    • Boue, S., Kuczaj, AK., Page, D., Cannesson, L., Seijo, M., Belcastro, V., Scotti, E., Bonjour, F., Hoeng, J., & Peitsch, M. (2018). Sharing and Verifying Systems Toxicology Methods and Data via the INTERVALS and sbv IMPROVER Platforms. In INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY (Vol. 37, pp. 81-81)


    • Boue, S., Kuczaj, A. K., Page, D., Cannesson, L., Seijo, M., Belcastro, V., Scotti, E., Bonjour, F., Hoeng, J., & Peitsch, M. C. (2017). Sharing and verifying systems toxicology methods and data via the INTERVALS and sbv IMPROVER platforms. Toxicology Letters, 280, S96-S97.



    • Clavier, A., Seijo, M., Carnal, F., & Stoll, S. (2015). Surface charging behavior of nanoparticles by considering site distribution and density, dielectric constant and pH changes--a Monte Carlo approach. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17(6), 4346-4353.
    • Guerard, J. J., Tentscher, P. R., Seijo, M., & Arey, J. S. (2015). Explicit solvent simulations of the aqueous oxidation potential and reorganization energy for neutral molecules: gas phase, linear solvent response, and non-linear response contributions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17(22), 14811-14826.


    • Hadadi, N., Soh, K. C., Seijo, M., Zisaki, A., Guan, X., Wenk, M. R., & Hatzimanikatis, V. (2014). A computational framework for integration of lipidomics data into metabolic pathways. Metabolic Engineering, 23, 1-8.


    • Ulrich, S., Seijo, M., Carnal, F., & Stoll, S. (2011). Formation of complexes between nanoparticles and weak polyampholyte chains. Monte Carlo simulations. Macromolecules, 44(6), 1661-1670.


    • Seijo, M., Pohl, M., Ulrich, S., & Stoll, S. (2009). Dielectric discontinuity effects on the adsorption of a linear polyelectrolyte at the surface of a neutral nanoparticle. Journal of Chemical Physics, 131(17), 174704.
    • Seijo, M., Ulrich, S., Filella, M., Buffle, J., & Stoll, S. (2009). Modeling the adsorption and coagulation of fulvic acids on colloids by Brownian dynamics simulations. Environmental Science and Technology, 43(19), 7265-7269.


    • Seijo, M., Ulrich, S., Filella, M., Buffle, J., & Stoll, S. (2008). Modeling the surface charge evolution of spherical nanoparticles by considering dielectric discontinuity effects at the solid/electrolyte solution interface. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 322(2), 660-668.


    • Avaltroni, F., Seijo, M., Ulrich, S., Stoll, S., & Wilkinson, K. J. (2007). Conformational changes and aggregation of alginic acid as determined by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Biomacromolecules, 8(1), 106-112.
    • Avaltroni, F., Seijo, M., Ulrich, S., Stoll, S., & Wilkinson, K. J. (2007). Reply to Comment on “Conformational Changes and Aggregation of Alginic Acid as Determined By Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy”. Biomacromolecules, 8(10), 3280-3280.
    • Ulrich, S., Seijo, M., & Stoll, S. (2007). A Monte Carlo study of weak polyampholytes: Stiffness and primary structure influences on titration curves and chain conformations. The journal of Physical Chemistry. B, 111(29), 8459-8467.


    • Seijo, M., Ulrich, S., Filella, M., Buffle, J., & Stoll, S. (2006). Effects of surface site distribution and dielectric discontinuity on the charging behavior of nanoparticles. A grand canonical Monte Carlo study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 8(48), 5679-5688.
    • Ulrich, S., Seijo, M., & Stoll, S. (2006). The many facets of polyelectrolytes and oppositely charged macroions complex formation. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 11(5), 268-272.
    • Ulrich, S., Seijo, M., Laguecir, A., & Stoll, S. (2006). Nanoparticle adsorption on a weak polyelectrolyte. Stiffness, pH, charge mobility, and ionic concentration effects investigated by Monte Carlo simulations. The journal of Physical Chemistry. B, 110(42), 20954-20964.


    • Dubois, V., Seijo, M., & Archirel, P. (2004). On the absorption spectrum and stability of Ag32+ in aqueous solution. Chemical Physics Letters, 389(1-3), 150-154.


    • Seijo, M., Soh, K. C., & Hatzimanikatis, V. (2012). A novel approach to find the missing links in genome-scale metabolic models: The BridgeIt mrthod.



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