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W.J. (Jill) Toh

Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid

  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Postbus 15514
    1001 NA Amsterdam
  • Publicaties


    • Helberger, N., Eskens, S., Strycharz, J., Bouchè, G., van Hoboken, J., van Mil, J., Toh, J., Appelman, N., van Apeldoorn, J., van Eechoud, M., van Doorn, N., Sax, M., & de Vreese, C. (2021). Conditions for technological solutions in a COVID-19 exit strategy, with particular focus on the legal and societal conditions: report for ZonMw. IViR, University of Amsterdam. https://www.ivir.nl/publicaties/download/covid-report.pdf [details]


    • Appelman, N. M. I. D., Toh, W. J., Fahy, R. F., & van Hoboken, J. V. J. (2020). Techno-optimism and solutionism as a crisis response. In L. Taylor, G. Sharma, A. Martin, & S. Jameson (Eds.), Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives (pp. 190-195). Meatspace Press.




    • Ausloos, J. (speaker), Toh, J. (speaker), Veale, M. (speaker), González Fuster, G. (speaker) & Ekker, A. (speaker) (9-5-2022). Fight the Power! Data Rights and Social Justice in the Platform Economy, Re:Publica, Berlin.
    • Toh, J. (invited speaker) (15-7-2021). Summer School of the European Law School, Humboldt University, Berlin.
    • Ausloos, J. (speaker) & Toh, J. (speaker) (7-6-2021). Data rights and platform resistance in the context of online sex work, Researching adult content creators on digital platforms
    • Toh, J. (speaker) (2021). Gig workers, data rights and forms of resistance: Cases against Uber and Ola at the Amsterdam District Court, Law in the Algorithmic Society.
    • Toh, J. (speaker) (25-8-2020). From Platform Governance to Platformed Cities: Corporate-State Entanglements in Europe, European Consortium for Political Research.


    • Toh, J. (organiser) & Terzis, P. (organiser) (6-10-2021). LPE Europe (Digitalisation). The Law and Politics of Programmable Infrastructures (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Toh, J. (participant) (16-9-2021). Transformative effects of COVID-19 on Globalisation & Law. Presented on the panel "Transformation in Platform Work" (participating in a conference, workshop, ...). https://www.lawandglobalisation.nl/tegl-conference-2021/
    • Giannopoulou, A. (organiser), Toh, J. (organiser) & Ausloos, J. (organiser) (10-6-2021). IASC 2021 Knowledge Commons Virtual Conference. Resisting platformised education through data rights (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Giannopoulou, A. (organiser), Toh, J. (organiser) & Ausloos, J. (organiser) (20-5-2021). TILTing Perspectives 2021, Tilburg . "What's Work Got To Do With It? Data Rights and Platform Resistance"
      (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Toh, J. (participant) (2021). Research Platform Governance of Digital Practices (University of Vienna). Invited to take part in the kick-off workshop of the new research platform “Governance of Digital Practices” at the University of Vienna. (participating in a conference, workshop, ...). https://digigov.univie.ac.at/news-events/kick-off-of-the-research-platform-14th-january-2021/
    • Toh, J. (participant) (2021). Digital Freedom Fund Annual Strategy Meeting 2021. Invited to be a facilitator for the session "Gig Economy and Platform-Worker Relations" (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Toh, J. (organiser), Ausloos, J. (organiser) & Giannopoulou, A. (organiser) (2021). Privacy Camp (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Toh, J. (participant) (9-6-2020 - 4-8-2020). Anti-Monopoly and Regulated Industries (AMRI) Summer Academy (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Toh, J. (participant) (2020). European Consortium for Political Research General Conference 2020 (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
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